Goodbye winter

I just looked at the weather forecast for the day. I wanted to know how warm it would get – or not. Wow, I am glad that I looked. I need to go turn on the air conditioners again. The predicted high temperature for today will be 75˚F. *big wide eyes* Not so bad, but Wow! Compared to the record low temperatures we have been having, this is looking a little strange. The overnight low for tonight is only 69˚F. These are nice temperatures, so don’t get me wrong. The truly sad part is on Wednesday, they are still predicting a 30˚ temperature change (75˚ down to 45˚). That’s the part that just makes it rough. It would be nice if it would just get cold and stay cold instead of the 20-50˚ temperature changes from one day to the next. But I’ll be honest, you won’t catch me complaining about 75˚ temperatures either. Before too long, 95˚ temperatures will be the norm.

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