That made me cry

Tonight after I picked up Lance from karate, we ran to the grocery store before we had to go back and pick up Andrew and Kyle from the karate studio. The kids had not mentioned that we were down to the last loaf of bread in the house so when I went to Wal-mart this morning and could have bought a couple of loaves of bread, I didn’t know we were in need of bread. Thus we needed to run to Kroger to get bread because Andrew and Kyle are back to school tomorrow and they would need bread to make their sandwiches in their lunches.

I grabbed the brisket deal. It wasn’t a great deal per say, but the amount of brisket and the free stuff was enough for the 4 of us for a single dinner so I grabbed it. The kids would like it. I would like it. It would be quick and easy. It was perfect. I grabbed 3 loaves of bread and the cereal that they also requested. There were a few other things that made it into the cart as well – bananas, doughnuts for breakfast tomorrow, and animal crackers.

I really had to go to the bathroom. This is no surprise. We had about 15 minutes before we would have to head to the karate studio anyway. So Lance and I went to grandma’s house to visit for a few minutes. Lance asked why we were going to grandma’s house and I responded with, “because I need to go potty.” I hear a quick, “Oh I understand now, it is all clear now.” *laugh* Like I said, this is no surprise. The kids all know that when I say I need to go to the bathroom, I need to go as soon as humanly possible.

While we’re at grandma’s house, Lance is trying to show Katlynn how to do some of his karate kicks. It was funny to watch. I was impressed by how high Lance could actually kick. We’re talking face level here. Way to go, Lance! Katlynn was doing this wild drunk chicken kick. It was hilarious. It was clear that she was not used to that level of coordination. Not that she could never do it, simply that it is a motor skill set that she had not been taught or exercised. The way she was swinging her kicks back toward the floor was freaking me out. I said, “be careful that’s how Andrew hurt his toe.” It really is. He really did kick the floor and drive his toenail back through the cuticle. Yes, it was gross. Lance says, “you need to do it like this” and he proceeds to kick up high again.

Well, high is good. There is, however, a point where high is not so good. Lance demonstrated both tonight. Lance kicked himself square in the eye. Yes, that’s right Lance kicked himself with tennis shoe covered feet right in the eye. Yikes! I was laughing so hard at this point that I was crying right along with him. He was crying because it hurt. I thought he had just kicked himself in the forehead. Nope, he got himself right in the eye. The poor thing couldn’t open the eye it hurt so bad. We all know how bad it hurts when you poke your finger in your eye. Not funny. Just imagine a nice high kick with foot flying up right in the eye. OUCH!

Unfortunately the pain would have to go mobile as it was time to go pick up Andrew and Kyle from the karate studio. Lance and I are waiting in the car for the other two to come out. Andrew opens the back hatch on the minivan and Lance says, “don’t laugh at me. It isn’t funny. I kicked myself in the eye.” I couldn’t help it, the way he so matter of factly said, “Don’t laugh at me” made me burst out in laughter. It wasn’t funny to watch him crying and holding his eye, pleading with him to let me look. It wasn’t funny that it hurt. But I have to say it really was funny that he managed to kick himself in the eye. Lance repeated the same statement when Kyle opened the door to get into the van. I don’t recommend telling people not to laugh at you if it really isn’t funny and you don’t want them to laugh when you tell them what you did.

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that there is any damage. We’ll see how bad it looks in the morning. It was blood shot and red, but he said he could see just fine it just hurt to open it and it was watering like crazy. After his shower it wasn’t so blood shot and he was able to keep it open at this point. I’ll check again in the morning and we’ll see if we need to get to the doctor to have it checked for further damage. I am not sure there is a need for that since he says he can see just fine.

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