Monday ramblings

Swimming lessons again this morning. Lance is turning into a real champ at jumping off the diving board into 12′ of water. He really needs to work on his swimming though. He’s improving, but slowly. We’ll keep working on it.

Guessing how much 6 kids will plow through in the way of food is always an interesting task at best. I bought 2 gallons of milk the other day because we were down to 2 in the extra fridge. I figured that would be enough to get to Tuesday. The kids showed me differently. I had to run back out tonight to get more milk as they opened the last one. I wandered the Wal-mart because I knew they would match the sale price on milk and they have the better price on bread. I also knew that I needed to get some frozen vegetables and they have the best everyday price for those.

Tonight I spent $57 and change on groceries at Wal-mart. The cart was fairly full too. This is a good thing because typically if you fill a cart it is $100-200 easily. I got:

8 gallons of milk
6 loaves of split top wheat bread
2 packages of tortillas (20 count each)
12 bags of steam in the bag frozen vegetables (Green Giant)
2 jars of peanut butter (28 ounce)
3 boxes of pre-made garlic bread (8 slices each)
1 package of plastic store tight freezer containers (2 count, for storing spice and marinade packets in the pantry)
1 box of Diet Coke (12 count)

I like these plastic storage containers because they are cheap mostly. They are $2 for a 2 pack. They are a half gallon each for the size I bought. They fit nicely the Weber and McCormick marinade mix packets and other packets such as taco seasoning, gravy mix, etc. I thought for $2 it wasn’t that big of a deal to try them. I was afraid that they wouldn’t seal air tight. I was surprised at how nicely they did what I wanted them for. I think now I need to find a labeler to make labels for them. Now if I could just find bigger ones.

I really need to find a recipe for a “four cheese” Rice-a-Roni type mix. I have been burned so many times by bugs in the Rice-a-Roni that I don’t buy it anymore. That doesn’t change the fact that my kids love that flavor and still ask for it on a regular basis.

This morning, I spent some time working on a website for a client. We are past deadline. The client is being truly generous and understanding. I had to make a small change to his magazine ad that I did for him. That took me all of 2 seconds, seriously. It took me longer to save the file than it did to make the changes. I simply had to swap one picture and caption for another one. I then sat and worked on layout ideas for the website itself. While a few weeks ago the ideas were flowing, they aren’t right now. I hate it when this happens. I did managed to sketch out a couple of ideas. I need to sit and scroll through endless pages of website templates I suppose. We also still need to finalize his logo. Lots of stuff to do. Not enough time left in the day to do it.

Tonight was a karate night for the 5 oldest kids. While I was dropping the kids off, I dropped off the DVDs for the karate tournaments I have been editing the video for. I gently reminded him that I was done except for the 2 DVDs he still had to finalize so that I would be able to read the discs.

We’re doing a trade of services to pay for the the nieces’ and nephew’s karate this summer – I edit tournament video and they get karate lessons. Whoever has the remaining invoice balance at the end of the 2 months writes the other a check. Works for me. If he brings me another large tournament, I should have both months of summer karate covered by my invoice amounts. Not a bad deal in my opinion.

We have told the kids that if they work real hard they will all be able to “rank advance” before summer is over. We’ll see if they actually do it. This would be an extra expense over their lesson cost, but it isn’t much per child.

Andrew ruled that Brianna and Darin could not handle 2 hours of karate classes, so I came back to get them after first class. There were only the 5 of them, another 2 kids that were waiting for their mother to show up, and Johnnie. Evidently, no one came for second class tonight. This happens from time to time so it isn’t a surprise, but the fact that it isn’t around a weekday holiday is a bit surprising. The kids were working on self defense stuff, so I waited for them to finish. We got home early tonight.

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