Doing it all again

At the swimming pool again this morning.

Today I have got to get to the grocery store. Fortunately, I’ve already bough the essentials thanks to my trip to Wal-mart last night so I only have to go do some stock things – cereal, garbage bags, toilet paper, etc. Essentially those things we use a lot that are a really good price this week. All to repeat again next week.

I saw an interesting contest listed in All-You magazine. I think I am going to try entering it. It was in conjunction with an article on saving pennies at the grocery store. Essentially for the length of the contest (4 weeks I believe), you spend $25 or less per week on “food items” per member in your household. I can do that. I figured out how much my budget breaks down to and my budget includes household things like toilet paper and cleaning products that are not included for purposes of this contest. I can totally handle this. I’ll have to go back and look at the details on the contest.

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