Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there.

Love you Ben!

Love you Dad!

Love you Grandpa!

The kids wanted Grandpa to come over for dinner, so I served 12 for dinner tonight. We did honey mustard pork chops, mashed potatoes, and fresh steamed broccoli. Typically I broil the pork chops for this sauce, but there was a distinct lack of space under the broiler for 16 pork chops. I am normally only doing 4 or 5 pork chops at a time. I solved the problem by making a little bit extra sauce and baking the pork chops in the sauce in glass baking pans. It worked nicely.

It used to be that you could get “potato pearls” from the church cannery. They quit selling those a while back. I think it had something to do with shelf stability in this part of the country or something. I think, personally, that it was a problem keeping supply up to meet the demand. The last time I went to the cannery, I canned 2 cases of potato pearls. Those have been long gone for well over 18-24 months. Sad, but true. I love potato pearls. If I have to have fake mashed potatoes, these are the ones that I prefer. So not being able to get “potato pearls” has been a real bummer for me. Nothing else measures up in my opinion.

Mom brought the stuff to do the mashed potatoes with last night. What did she bring? A box of potato pearls. So naturally I am checking the box to find out where they were manufactured. *giggle* I mean these looked and smelled like the potato pearls you could get at the cannery. Mom revealed that they got the box from Sam’s Club and that they weren’t too expensive. Score! So those of you who have Sam’s Club memberships watch out…I might be willing to use and abuse your card from time to time. *evil laugh*

My sister even showed up for dinner on her way back home from business in San Antonio. Her kids were happy to see her. She got to spend Father’s Day with her family. She brought a vegetable salad and fruit salad that she had left over.

Since all that I had left after dinner was 4 pork chops and a couple of servings of mashed potatoes, I guess we can call dinner a success.

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