Sometimes it takes me a while…

I know I left you all just hanging there with my grocery trip information. The fact is that I just got busy and didn’t make it back to finish up.

I did wander off to Randall’s and I didn’t do too bad there either. I actually ended up spending less than originally planned and I even deviated from the list.

I only spent about $58 at Randall’s and got all of this:

• 3 bottles of salad dressing (16oz bottles, Ranch and 2 varieties of Italian)
• 3 bottles of mayo (2 squeeze bottles at 22oz and 1 jar at 30oz)
• 1 package of C sized batteries (4 pack)
• 2 cases of bottled water (24 count)
• 8 boxes of Coca Cola products (12 can boxes)
• 1# of ham (lunch meat)
• 1 large package of toilet paper (12 double rolls)
• 3 tubes of toothpaste (6 oz)
• 3 bottles of liquid hand soap (10 oz)
• 2 packages of frozen breakfast sausage links (10 count)
• 2 pork tenderloins (about 3.5# )
• 1 duster starter pack with handle and static cling duster thingies

Needless to say the “thought” of giving up Diet Coke remained a thought. The reality is that there are times when you shouldn’t make lifestyle changes. Since the summer is going to be stressful enough, having one bad vice can’t be too bad. So I stocked up on Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, and Light Lemonade. I was good the last 2 days and have only had 1 can each day. I’ve been drinking a lot more water. I’ll behave myself.

One can never have too much toilet paper! I needed more. This is just something that would be really bad to run out of. I suppose we could use the newspaper in the recycling bin if we got really desperate. I intend to never get that desperate. Remember I have double rolls to use for everyday use and single sized rolls for my emergency stash. I don’t want to get to that emergency stash. We don’t need a crisis in the bathroom. I’ll probably buy more next week. What can I say? *shrug* Toilet paper is a good thing.

The same principle applies to the liquid hand soap. At least we’ll have clean hands.

The question remains…what will I find next week?

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