Happy string accompaniment

So last night we went to Andrew’s Spring Orchestra Concert. I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought it would be fun to go and SEE him perform. I must have been smoking something good at the time. He had to be there early, no big deal. We also had to get his off-campus-PE forms signed by the karate instructor. I needed to make copies of these same forms before we had Andrew submit them today.

Off we went to the karate studio shortly before 6pm. I hear from the back seat, “I forgot my glasses.” Naturally, this is from the child that needs them so he can see the notes on the sheet music for one orchestra concert in just a short time. So I hang a right into a subdivision that I can cut back through to get back to the house. Glasses retrieved.

Ben runs in with the completed PE forms and has Johnnie sign them. Yay! An entire year of off-campus-PE forms completed and done.

Mom’s house is on the way to the school (the school and karate studio are seriously maybe 10 blocks away from each other), so we stop to use her “office” copier so that I’d have duplicates of the forms just in case we need them. While we’re hanging out at mom’s – killing time – I proposition my sister to watch Lance and Kyle. She agreed. I figured it would only take us 1.5 hours or so.

I am so glad that we did leave the younger 2 boys with my sister (my parents were at the Temple). The orchestra concert managed to really irritate me. I totally don’t get it.

First off, they do it in the cafeteria at the school. This in itself is not a bad thing. There is a stage in there after all. Let me describe this stage for you. TINY! So when we get there, it is filling up quick. We’re sitting at the back on the next to the last row of tables (yep, cafeteria tables). So I couldn’t even see Andrew. I did sneak up before hand and get some pictures of just him getting situated and tuning and whatnot. Still, I could not “see” my son perform. *frown*

Oh and we couldn’t use our own video cameras. *gasp* Even if I could have seen him, I couldn’t preserve it for myself. Nope, I have to now buy the $35 DVD to “see” my son’s performance. Why? Because my little dinky camera might interfere with the “recording company’s” not so dinky camera. *rolling eyes*

Don’t get me started on the flash photography comments. “They might be startled or get distracted.” Excuse me? Most of those kids (indicated by the sheer number of cameras and unusable video cameras in the room) will freak out if they don’t see the flash going off because they are going to be wondering where mommy is. Hello! These kids are probably used to the flash going off at various times. I know that my children can perform with a flash going off because I’ve taken pictures of them practicing the piano from time to time. They have seen me there with my camera at all major events and whatnot. They know they need to stop and pause for the camera after awards. Unless I am the only parent that cares, I am going to assume that it is safe to assume that most kids know the routine.

I don’t understand why this isn’t done in a better facility. I know these are just junior high kids, but they deserve to shine just like everyone else and their parents deserve to be able to see them shine. I am not asking for much, really. Why couldn’t this be arranged so that the performance was at one of the local high schools on their auditorium stage? At least then every parent will be most likely to be able to see their own child’s performance. It will also reduce the financial burden on the parent to be forced to buy the overpriced DVD of their child’s performance. It just makes logical sense to me. I guess it is just something they’ve never thought about. Maybe they should.

The worst part about the event is that it took way longer than it should have. I might not have been so upset if (1) I could have seen my son perform or (2) I was sitting in a more comfortable cushy seat. They would “talk” after every single musical piece. There weren’t many pieces either. We’re talking 3-4 per each of the 4 orchestra groupings. Two freaking hours later. I seriously think that if they would just shut up and let the kids perform….it wouldn’t have been so stinking hot in there. Not only was it standing room only (fortunately, I had a seat, which I lost when I got up to go potty), it was HOT! Ugh!

Anyway, happy sting accompaniment is a happy parent…this parent wasn’t so happy…getting home after 9pm on a school night after being crowded, hot, and bored out of my mind because I couldn’t see anything.

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