The quest begins

So Andrew comes home on Thursday night saying how his toe hurts. I feel where his toe is in his dress shoes – at the end. I feel where his toe is in his tennis shoes – at the end. Growing boys are often hard to keep up with.

So this morning I went to pick Andrew up from a Boy Scout Merit Badge meeting and we go off on the quest to find him new shoes. He has to have dress shoes to pass the Sacrament on Sunday and tennis shoes that fit to wear at Scout Camp. I had no choice.

Off to the big Academy. He wears a size 7.5 or 8 and that’s the transition point between boys’ shoes and men’s shoes. I am trying not to freak out about the fact that his shoes are now going to set me back double of what they had cost me just 9 short months before.

We finally found a pair of tennis shoes that fit nicely. He’s pathetic to shop with, by the way. We grabbed some of the other things he needed for scout camp in less than 2 weeks. Then we were off to get dress shoes as Academy didn’t have any that he liked or fit.

I stopped at Wal-mart because they have a small camping section and there were a couple of items on the list that I knew would be cheaper there. I was also hungry, so I figured we could grab a sandwich there. Andrew also needed more socks and underwear (that fit). Fortunately, we did find him a pair of dress shoes. OK, so we settled on a pair of dress shoes, but we found some. Yay! So we got that stuff and we’re out the door. I forgot to get us something to eat.

Sonic is doing their “brown bag special” so I swing into the Sonic and grab one of those even though I don’t care for hamburgers. I had change enough for this and it was on the way to the Scout Shop.

At the Scout Shop, I got Andrew his Class A Uniform pants and got a uniform shirt for Ben (adult leader, troop committee person).

We finally made it home…with 2 pairs of shoes…

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