I have quick and easy desserts now

So I hit the grocery store again last night. I had to build up the motivation to actually pull the coupons and get myself to the store. The list had been made since Saturday night.

I finally sat and pulled coupons and hit Kroger on the way home from retrieving Andrew from karate last night. I didn’t do too bad. I spent about $45 and change. I even got more than was on the list. I told Andrew we were stopping because we needed milk. Andrew started complaining about how “we went in for one item and we came out with a half million items.” *laugh* Got to love the exaggeration there! In my own defense, I did not tell him that were only going in for milk. I had my list.

So 6 gallons of milk later, I also had:

• 1 loaf of wheat bread
• 4 cans of frozen drink concentrate (lemonade varieties)
• 4 bottles (2 liter) of lemonade
• 2 boxes of lemonade (fridge box, 64oz)
• 2# of butter blend sticks
• 2 kit-kat bars (don’t ask)
• 3 small freezer cheesecakes (1 plain, 1 new york style, and 1 strawberry)
• 2 small frozen, bake-able pies (cherry and apple)
• 2 small freezer pies (key lime and chocolate)
• 1 small bottle of advil gel caps
• 3 bags of shredded cheese (8oz)
• 3 blocks of cheese (8oz)
• 2 packages of cheese slices (12oz).

Some of these things were in preparation for this summer as we’ll have extra mouths to feed and thirsts to quench. Not too bad. It will suffice.

Of course, I had to run home and then back out to Randall’s to get the rest of the stuff on the list. I debated whether to go back out or not. I tossed out the idea of whether or not it was really a necessity. Now, it might not have been a necessity but come this time next week we were going to be in crisis mode in the Diet Coke department. Back out I went. *grin* It was a really good price on Diet Coke and I had a manufacturer coupon to use in addition to the store coupon.

But that is a tale for later because I have to run errands now…

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