Can I have another holiday?

Holidays are always hard because it always feels like you need a holiday to recover from the holiday you just had. Why is that? You spend time relaxing and you feel like you need more time to relax. Must be that relaxing is addictive. Maybe we should be cautious.

Today Andrew and Kyle are back at school for what is the final couple of laps of the school year. Less than 2 weeks to go. Wait?!?!!! How can it already be that close to summer? It can’t be. I want a do over! *panic*

I spent the afternoon working on summer preparations. OK, so I shouldn’t lie. I spent the afternoon making my mother work on summer preparations for me. *blush* What can I say? I have the ideas, she has the know how and desire to be helpful. I’ll confess, I have the know how, but I seriously need to find my misplaced desire. Alright, mom is just faster and is all set up. I might be a little bit intimidated by that big black sewing machine (aka darth vader). We managed to figure out that just because a table cloth says that it is 52″ wide doesn’t mean that it is 52″ wide. *laugh* Another trip to the dollar store in my future to get 3 more flannel backed vinyl table clothes to make the water proof protection for the cot mattresses. Mom whipped up some pillowcase type sheets to go on the mattresses because evidently Wal-mart can get it right, a 66″ wide sheet really was 66″ wide.

So one more thing done for this summer.

Kyle came home from school sick this afternoon. Fever. Cough. Headache. Nausea. Who will be next?

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