Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all the men and women who have served to protect our country from what ever danger lurks out there (perceived or otherwise). Thank you to all service people who have served now or then, or even will serve.

Today was a mellow day for us. Bratwurst and french fries. I actually had to take 2 attempts on the fries because I over cooked them in the oven. It happens. Especially when the people who can smell, don’t smell anything. Alas, I had enough foresight while at Wal-mart getting the bratwurst to grab more than one bag of fries.

Lance fortunately was feeling better. Ben took the 3 boys to the pool today. I had to run and get Andrew a pair of swimming trunks (which I did while I was getting bratwurst) that fit. Oh the joys of growing children.

Ben wasn’t feeling as great tonight. It seems the bug might have been passed on. *sigh* Who will get it next?

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