What a weekend!

Another Sunday

So this morning I managed to cram another page of announcements into 2 columns for the Sunday programs. Thankfully, next week, I will feel confident in removing the new primary location information. Since they split the junior primary and then we had Stake Conference and whatnot, I have kept those room locations on the announcements so those that were out of town will have ample opportunity to figure out what is going on. It is funny how I only get announcements from the select few people. It is sad really. I have plenty of room. OK, so you’d probably need a microscope when I am done with it but I have plenty of room. The Sunday services stuff is on one side of the page so it is in 13pt font…and it will stay that way unless I absolutely have to make it smaller. The back, however, is fare game! I think today it was in 9pt font. Usually it is in 10pt font. At least the Relief Society is on the ball and getting me the announcements for the plethora of activities there…

Today was a big day for Andrew. Andrew was set apart as the Deacon’s Quorum President today. Wow! I am still trying to grasp onto the fact that I have a 12 year old, let alone that they feel he is ready to hold this type of responsibility. I was talking to one of the other mothers who also had a son called into the quorum presidency. She and I both agreed that it is hard to (1) believe that they are getting older and (2) they are old enough for responsibility. She gave me a piece of advise that she’s had to remind herself with each of her children as they have gotten older, “just take it a little at a time.” This is what I have been doing, so at least I know I am not alone in “letting go” slowly. Congratulations, Andrew! Serve your quorum well.

After church today, I drove the boys up past the lot where the new church building will be built. They did the ground breaking yesterday. We missed it. I wasn’t feeling all that well after spending the morning out in the pollen and Ben wanted to go out for my birthday dinner and still miss the crowds and what not. It was supposed to rain. I just didn’t feel like fighting the traffic and crowds for them to go flip a little dirt. So I asked them if they wanted to see where the new building would be. They said they wanted to see, so we drove past it (out of the way) on the way home. They were disappointed that there was nothing to see. There is only a lot there. Nothing else. *laugh* Kyle finally said, “there is nothing to see, what’s the point of a ground breaking?” Kyle you are very observant. And a ground breaking is for nothing more than “breaking ground” or to turn that first shovel of dirt. I got a response of “how boring.” Yep, pretty much. OK, so the whole thing is boring, but the fact that we will soon have another church building close to home that our Ward will meet in (instead of attending services in a building in the neighboring stake) is very exciting! They’ll understand as the walls start to go up, I am sure. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind attending church at the Mills Road building but we are bursting at the seams! You don’t realize how small a building was until you’ve grown accustomed to one that is much larger and then are asked to go to a building is much smaller. Besides Mills Road looked way bigger when I was 8 years old. I was baptized in that building. There are great memories there in that regard. It is just hard to be so crowded. With so many kids even hearing the speakers is a challenge at best. So *I* am excited about the fact that in about a year we will be dedicating that new building and we will once again be attending a building that is closer to home and that we won’t have to drive into another stake and through who knows how many wards to attend church on Sunday. One where there is plenty of room to fit our needs…

Congratulations, Kyle!

So yesterday I took Andrew and Kyle to karate for the Saturday 12-1pm class. This is usually a small class. Last week it was only the instructor, Andrew, and Kyle. Keep in mind that Andrew out ranks this instructor but due to his age…To my surprise, Mr. Murphy was there on Saturday. I don’t think he is always there. He wasn’t there last week. I figured they would just work on things for test preparation as Kyle was signed up to take the test on this coming Thursday.

I ran back to my mom’s house with Lance.

Lance and I went back to get Andrew and Kyle. I was a couple of minutes early. Lance wanted to go inside. I don’t normally take him in – we just sit in the car and he watches through the windows. I figured I could entertain him as he was in a fairly good mood and it was such a small class.

I am mighty glad that I went in. Thank you, Lance, for your insistence. Why? Because I am sitting there waiting patiently and they line class back up to bow out. They then present Kyle with his BROWN BELT! WHAT!?!?!?

They tested him early! I can understand why they did it. It was the owner (Mr Murphy) and 3 black belts…and…Kyle…They had a bunch of kids to test on Thursday. So they just went ahead and tested him. I don’t knock that…but dang it! I wasn’t told to get my butt back there with the camera! No pictures (except for a really crappy cell phone picture) and no video. *angry eyes*


Now, I’m going to have to fake his pictures. At least with his certificate and all. He hasn’t gotten that yet. They didn’t have it made on Saturday (see, they didn’t plan on testing him), so maybe they’ll let me have a photo op when they do give that too him. Now I’ll have to put the camera in the car just so I have it. Ha! I figure I can just make him go run around a lot and get him all sweaty again and voila I have a hot, sweaty, red faced, brown belted child to take a picture of. *wink* Since I only put month and year on my scrapbook layouts, this will work just fine. No one will know except me…well…and all of you…but you are all sworn to secrecy!

So, there you have it, I have a black belt and a brown belt.

Andrew should take his 2nd degree black belt test sometime in April.

It lasts a long time

Andrew and Kyle asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Ben had asked as well. I have been trying to avoid the whole answering of that question. Alas, I can’t avoid it any longer as tomorrow is the big day. But I had mentioned to Andrew and Kyle that I could really use and want a new laptop battery (and some more RAM). Now the laptop battery part got conveyed to the proper authority figure and voila I have a battery that lasts a long time now. I was doing good to get 30 minutes out of the battery I had.

We went out to dinner last night. We went to Hido. It is a Japanese hibachi grill place. It is a lot of fun. It isn’t exactly cheap, but it is fun and the experience is sometimes worth it. It isn’t bad, price wise, mind you. The boys love to watch them cook the food right there in front of you. There were 2 of us celebrating birthdays at our table (around the grill) last night. It is a nice place to eat in that the food is simple, there is a variety, and you can see what they are putting in/on it. We ate there shortly after my gall bladder surgery and we found that I can tolerate it. I still can’t tolerate all fats, some but not all. I was STUFFED afterward. That’s an awful feeling let me tell you. It was like Thanksgiving, but it was so good. We have food left too, so I can eat that tomorrow. *grin*

After dinner we headed across the freeway to the mall to go into the Apple store. We found that they put a Los Cucos restaurant in the mall. Ben went in to ask if they were affiliated with the one that is up just a short distance from our house. They are! The one by our house is SO STINKING BUSY ALL THE TIME…but the food is good and the service is fast and courteous…so this is a nice alternative if you ask me. We’ll see.

So I sit down with a Genius at the Genius Bar at the Apple store and they run their diagnostic thingy on my laptop. Evidently one of these particular batteries are only intended for something like 320 some odd charge cycles. Mine had over 640 some odd charge cycles on it. Let’s just say it served its time and it was time for it to give up the ghost and return to the Apple product heaven in the sky. I was doing good if I got 30 minutes out of it. If I was running Photoshop…maybe 15 minutes. If I had it full charged and turned it off and walked a way for a couple of hours, I’d be lucky if I’d turn it back on with 15 minutes left on it. So it was definitely not holding its charge very well.

All I have to say, is “So long original MacBook Pro battery. You will not be missed!” According to the just finished full charging battery, I will get a good 3 hours and 55 minutes out of this battery at my current consumption rate. I am sure Photoshop will drain it much quicker, but man oh man I can’t wait to sit and play with it on battery power again!

I talked to the manager last night about my application(s) that I had submitted for 3-4 different positions at this store and at the one in The Woodlands. Basically, I got the “just keep doing what you’re doing” response. Evidently when you apply online (the only way you can apply), your resume goes to corporate in California and they do all the screening. The resume is kept on file (online) for 2 years. He essentially told me to keep updating my resume and pplying it to various positions as they come available. That’s what I’ve been doing. I will just have to keep doing it.

Why do they call it Spring Break?

So this week is Spring Break for Andrew and Kyle. I am not entirely sure why they call it spring “break” though. I mean, I certainly don’t get a break this week.

I am not sure what all we’re going to do this week, so far on the list in no particular order at all, we have:

• A science experiment that Andrew wants to try with cold blue water and hot red water and a bucket with a cardboard divider. Evidently, we’re going to find out what happens to the water when you pull the divider out.

• Going bowling.

• 2 piano lessons (2 make up lessons, 1 more to schedule)

• Maybe going to Old MacDonald’s Farm – mostly for Lance and Katlynn’s amusement.

• Going to at least one book store per Kyle’s insistence (I am just grateful he’s reading).

That’s all we have talked about thus far. Maybe we’ll try to go to the Zoo or something since this week is not the same week that everyone else has Spring Break. I don’t know….

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