Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday – to ME! Woohoo!

Today was my birthday and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself today. I woke up with a nasty sinus headache which I thought was going to totally destroy the mood (attitude) today. But some allergy meds, advil, and 2 diet cokes later I was feeling better.

It was such a good day today that I didn’t even worry about making a grocery list. I am sure I’ll regret that tomorrow when I really need to get myself to the grocery store. *laugh* Oh well…

Jennifer (my little sister) and I took the 3 boys and her daughter bowling! I bowled a 132! I guess I did learn something from my bowling class after all. I have to say that of all the kids, I think Kyle has some natural talent in the bowling department. I think that with a little bit of training and refinement he could seriously bowl an awesome game. We got the 2 hour bundle at AMF…and I can say that the 2 hours was a bit much for Lance and Katlynn. For them one hour would have been plenty. Since we had 6 people bowling on a single lane and 4 of them were kids, it just made for a very long game and lots of waiting on their parts. They were decent over all, but the last hour was melt-down and tantrum central. We survived though. Lance bowled a 40 something. Kyle bowled an 80 something. Andrew bowled a 90 something. Like I said I bowled a 132. When I went into my bowling class this past summer, I wasn’t bowling anything over 50…we’re talking down in the 25 range on average. Yes, pathetic! So I was totally stoked.

Ben got me a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for my cake. He also got me dark chocolate dipped strawberries from the Godiva store. I love him!

Of course we’re going to find out if I can handle that much fat since my gall bladder surgery last December. I can tolerate more fat than I could 2 months ago, but there are still things that set me off with the runs to the bathroom and just general not feeling well in the digestive department. I haven’t had cheesecake since before my surgery. It doesn’t help that I have been seriously craving fried chicken since my surgery. I haven’t been brave enough to go there. Tonight, however, I really just wanted cheesecake. I LOVE cheesecake. We’ll see. Just pray that it agrees with me.

It was a great day. I got lots of well wishes from lots of people. Just made for a great day. Thank you everyone!

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