A bumble bee did I become

So it is Spring here – full blown Spring. Today supposedly the pollen counts came up to be something like 80% in the air. Yikes! So naturally, I took Lance to the park today. I went and picked up my little sister and her daughter and we went to meet some of the sisters from my ward at the park. We had a great time. I thought I was going to die by the time I got home. I was even a good girl and took all of my preventative medicines before leaving. There is just some things that just don’t help when you’ve got enough pollen…I wore a black shirt…add a little yellow pollen…you soon look like a bumble bee. Yep. Coated.

I crashed when I got home. I changed my shirt. I ate a sandwich and drank some water. I blew my nose. I did a saline wash to wash everything out. I blew my nose some more. I am completely blowing blood at this point. My head was killing me. So much pressure. I shot some NasalCrom up my nose and laid down. Out I went. Naps for me are not always a good choice. I get grumpy and groggy. I also don’t sleep that night if I nap. Naturally, it is 11pm and I am WIDE AWAKE. I took some Advil and drank another diet coke. Drank some water. I feel wiped out and icky.

We do it again on Friday morning. *laugh*

Lance and Katlynn had so much fun at the park. The weather was lovely. Jen and I managed to even get a touch of sunburn. Her more than me. Aside from the pollen, I don’t think it could have been a better day to go to the park.

I hit the grocery store this evening while the boys were in karate. It was a light trip. I was right at the $100 mark. Well under budget. Go me! I got quite a bit of stuff for that too. I got:

• 2 large packs (24ct) Diet Coke and Coke Zero
• 3 packages of Oreo cookiess
• 10 boxes of cereal
• 4 loaves of wheat bread
• 2 packages of english muffins
• 2 large containers of raisins
• 2# of lunch meat (chicken and ham, pound each)
• 3 packages of cream cheese (fat free, reduced fat, and full fat)
• 4 gallons of milk
• 2 bags of tortilla chips
• 3 bottles of laundry detergent
• 3# of apples

All in all it was a decent trip to the grocery store. I certainly can’t complain. I didn’t need much else to be real honest with you. We are running low on peanut butter and dishwasher detergent, but I think we’ll make it another week.

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