Me love you, mommy!

It is morning – 9:09am to be exact.

I’ve already had a big cup of water. Thirsty, am I. I’ve already had a Diet Coke. Told you I was thirsty, but I am also water logged. *laugh* Maybe I’ll have lemonade in a little while.

I am outside in the pollen – yes, everything is blooming here in far northwest Harris County. Everything is covered with this yellow dusty film.

Now if the sun would just stay behind the few clouds out. They are even gray clouds. Rain they won’t bring, I am sure. It is BRIGHT sun when it pops out from behind the clouds.

Why am I outside? Because I created this bike riding monster a short time ago, so I hear, “Can I go biking?” a lot these days. Quite frankly, I’d rather he ask at this time of morning than around 1-3pm. Why? Because it is COOL right now. While our high yesterday was in the mid 80˚s, I know all too soon it will be in the mid 90˚s. No fun! So I’ll sit in the pollen and enjoy myself (though I’ll pay for it later) while I can.

I’ve heard, “Me love you, mommy!” Twice! YES! It far beats the “I hate you!” I got twice on Thursday. I had no doubts in my mind that I was loved by Lance, but it still stings all the same. I bought him more Lucky Charms yesterday and I got an “I love you” too. At least it is quick turn around. Independence sometimes sucks.

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