What a day!

I didn’t sleep well last night. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep well when I did fall asleep. I was up early as I couldn’t sleep anymore. I have done nothing but DRAG all day today.

Lance and I just chilled out today. We watched hungry dinosaur movies. Evidently dinosaurs think that people are tasty and if they find a swimming pool they must be thirsty. I think we watched 2 Jurassic Park movies today. He kept rewinding the important parts, you know…the parts where the whole “tasty people” concept was declared.

Andrew came home from school today with the results from his solo contest yesterday. He got “outstanding performance” and has a nice medal to show for it. Evidently, “outstanding performance” was the best you could get. I am not sure the medal indicates much. He did a fabulous job. When I find my cables, I’ll work on uploading it for everyone to see. I am very proud of him since this was his first solo contest.

Lance and I ran to Wal-mart while Andrew and Kyle were in their piano lesson this evening. We went to get hot dogs. So we’re getting the hot dogs and Lance declares that we need more Lucky Charms cereal. Now, I bought a box of Lucky Charms on Tuesday. He was rather upset this morning when he wanted Lucky Charms and there was maybe 2 bites left in the box. Anyway, here we are standing in Wal-mart and I ask him after getting the hot dogs, “what else do we need for the hot dogs tonight?” Lance did not hesitate, “Lucky Charms because me brothers ate them all.” OK, I had to humor him on that once since it was so sincere. So we go grab a box of Lucky Charms and I start to walk down the aisle until I hear this very concerned, “no, 2!” Evidently 1 box of Lucky Charms was not going to be enough to appease him tonight. *laugh* Yes, I grabbed a 2nd box. He was so nice about it. Then I asked him again, “What else do we need for the hot dogs?” At least I had settled his ultimate concern as his response was “hot dog buns.” *laugh* I just love how Lucky Charms rated up there higher on the “need to have for dinner” scale than the hot dog buns.

I am trying to scrapbook tonight. I am getting distracted, easily…obviously, or I wouldn’t be blogging! Ha! The night is still young!

Tidbit of history….it was 18 years ago today that Ben and I had our first date. Who knew then that we’d be married for over 10 years some time later?

Review from yesterday…the teaching of crochet went OK. There were no “crochet hook” incidents. Everyone left with their eyes still intact, maybe a little cross eyed. I am not sure I got the whole concept across, but I tried. We’ll do it again!

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