…this evening…

So the usual rush was a bit more rushed this evening because Andrew had cello lessons tonight instead of tomorrow night. Not a big deal, mind you, just that the kids needed to be fed before we left and Ben wasn’t home.

So far today (10:39pm), I have:

• Sent the kids upstairs with their clean, folded, hung laundry to put away in their drawers and closets. Reminding them that “closed drawers are happy drawers.”

• Had Andrew and Kyle get into their karate uniforms.

• Finished cooking dinner and fed the boys and myself. Yummy tacos. Ok, they were tacos, but I am not sure about yummy. I have been belching them ever since.

• Drove Andrew and Kyle to karate and left them to pure athletic endurance for 2 hours.

• Drove to my mom’s with Lance so he could play with his cousin, Katlynn.

• Finished stitching a side seam of the baby sweater I am working on. Attach the other sleeve at the shoulder.

• Listen to Lance and Katlynn fight.

• Listen to Lance and Katlynn get along.

• Leave to go get Andrew and Kyle.

• Drive to the junior high school and drop Andrew off for his cello lesson.

• Call Ben to see if he is home so that I can take Kyle and Lance home. He is. Off we go. Drop them off and send them in through the garage.

• Figure out how to check the voice mail on my cell phone because I initially dialed the wrong number trying to call Ben. I tried calling myself instead. *laugh*

• Gone back to the junior high school to pick up Andrew.

• Sat and waited….

• Changed the ring tone on my cell phone.

• Worked on stitching together the last side seam of the baby sweater.

• Drive back home from the junior high school with Andrew.

• Sit and finish the baby sweater while watching CSI Miami! It is DONE! OK, so I still have to sew on the 2 buttons in the shoulder seam, but it is done. So what if it took me over 4 years and it will in no way, shape, or form fit the child that it was intended for. It is cute. I am just excited to have it DONE!

• Turn on my computer and watch the 10pm news while reading emails and browsing forums and whatnot.

• Sitting here, chilling, and blogging!

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