…yet even more of this afternoon…

So I thought I was going to get some computer work done. HA! Great aspiration there. Did not happen! I started installing updates on my PC as they don’t get done regularly since I don’t use it everyday anymore. I LOVE my Mac!

So far this afternoon (4:57pm), I have:

• Thought about dinner – this is a big one. There was a pound of ground beef still on the shelf in the fridge that I needed to use up so we would be having something with ground beef.

• Emptied the dryer…

• Folded all the clothes that came out of the dryer.

• Washed my skillet that was in the sink so I could could dinner. We’re having tacos – of sorts.

• Chopped an onion. I didn’t cry this time. They were chilled onions. I thought I was going to start crying when I had it sauteing in the frying pan though.

• Discussed again with Andrew about how he doesn’t need to sit in front of the TV to do his homework. He claims “it isn’t distracting me.” My response? “That doesn’t mean I’ll let your brother do it, now move!”

• Sauteed onion and browned ground beef in the same pan at the same time. Yes, I am living dangerously.

• Moved the contents of the washer into the dryer.

• Yelled at Kyle to go practice the piano. If he’d just do it. Well I did get 5 minutes out of him. Now to get the other 25 minutes!

• Added a can of Rotel tomatoes to the onions and ground beef.

• Added package of taco seasoning and 2/3 cup of water to the mixture.

• Pulled a package of tortillas (flour) out of the freezer. She I told you I didn’t think ENOUGH about dinner. I didn’t think about what we’d be having the taco concoction on! *sigh* I do have a “few” tortilla chips. I might have a “few” taco shells (hard ones) in the pantry. I knew I had tortillas in the freezer. They are in the microwave “defrosting” now!

• Was told by Andrew that he needs a picture about “this size” for his English class tomorrow (ideally). HA! This is a digital society we live in lady, don’t you think you should give a few more hours notice before making such ludicrous requests?!??!?!?!

• Talked on the phone to Susan Ramon. Hi, Susan!

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