…even more this afternoon…

So I wandered into my office…mostly to try and get some WORK done…and I continued…

So far this afternoon (4:02pm), I have:

• Watched the same Bob the Builder DVD twice.

• Moved the rocking chair in my office to another corner.

• Moved one of the tubs that was in here onto the bottom shelf of one of shelving units. It doesn’t fit perfectly, but it did get it out of the way, temporarily. It used to have school supplies in it. It still has a few but most of them are in a box in our bedroom these days. We’ll see what I end up doing with it.

• Threw some of the larger toys out of my office and into the pile in the entryway with the other toys that need to escort themselves upstairs to the game room and jump into their own assigned locations.

• Vacuumed my office.

• Verified that I did in fact have 2 sheets of full-sized poster board behind the piano for Andrew. I do!

• Put on some clothes – light weight denim capri pants and a red polo shirt (well it isn’t a real Polo brand shirt, but it is that type of shirt). I have my sandals on too. I really need new sandals – BADLY! Yes, I spent a large portion of the day in my PJ’s. You should see my husband.

• Brushed my hair. I need a haircut BADLY!

• Vacuumed part of the living room. Lance was still picking up some of his toys and he said that he “wanted to” vacuum the floor, so I left it.

• Drunk some more water. I think I am up to my 3rd 32oz cup of water now.

• Cleaned the kids’ crap off my desk. I am not entirely sure why my desk is a magnet for their stuff. The last time I checked particle board did not have magnetic properties.

• Rebooted my MacBook Pro so that it would recognize the network hard drive that I had to wake up. I need to figure out how to get it to recognize my PC. It did at one time, but it has been a while. *scratching head* I am not sure what happened.

• Moved the oscillating desktop fan from the floor in our bedroom to my office where it is now residing on top of the piano. It is making a nice breeze in here!

• Given Kyle a spelling pre-test, where he proceeded to miss MOST of the 15 spelling words. It is going to be a long week for him.

• Cleaned up some of the icons on the desktop on my PC – it was a mess. It doesn’t help that the kids have played with it so they were really a mess. I essentially created a few bulk folders on the desktop and sorted the icons to their appropriate “bulk category”. I’ll deal with them properly later.

• Locked up my PC. Who would have thought? I promise the only thing I was doing was moving things around on the desktop. It was totally innocent and non-noxious.

• Rebooted my PC. Since it has only been on for about 15 minutes this is pretty bad.

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