What was the point?

Now some of you might be wondering what the whirlwind of posts yesterday were all about. They may not seem like much, but that was essentially a quick run through of a “day in the life” of me! Yeah, that’s my Monday. I won’t say it is typical, but that’s my Monday. I’ll do it from time to time. It was, however, typical of the “whirlwind” my days represent.

Through all of that yesterday, I did NOT get my grocery list made. I usually go to the grocery store on Monday or Tuesday. I usually have my list made on Monday at the very least. That’s why I say it isn’t typical.

I’ve got my list made this morning, however. I just need to go pull coupons and get myself pulled together enough to conquer the grocery store as well. After yesterday, I am tired.

The fact is, I don’t just sit on my butt and if I tell you that I don’t have time, I really don’t. Realizing where the time is going is important in saying “no” more often and simply not biting off more than I can chew (do).

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