One more knitting project done!

I finished knitting that baby sweater I started many years ago LAST NIGHT! The only thing left to do is sew buttons on it. It turned out so cute! Too bad it won’t fit the child that it was originally intended for as the child is just WAY TO BIG. I would definitely knit another sweater.

I started another project tonight. I was going to knit a doll skirt. However, I got about 8 rows in and decided I was NOT liking it and how it was looking. So I ripped it completely out and I’ll pick another pattern to start tomorrow. Better than being completely frustrated all the way to the end.

I really should just work on that sampler afghan. *grin*

Headed to the grocery store earlier

I have to confess that while I did dutifully work to get my grocery list compiled and all the coupons pulled and sorted into transactions…I just didn’t have the desire to actually go to the store. I stalled and stalled.

Fortunately, when we did go, Lance was on his mostly best behavior. He’s been much worse. He enjoys having his own cart to push, but he likes to use it like a race car. *rolling eyes* It doesn’t help that Kroger has roadways painted on the floor on 2 of their aisles.

I never did make it back out to Randall’s to get the few items I was going to get there. I just didn’t have the energy to take it on. I have the start of a sinus infection brewing and really had a hard time getting moving this morning. I did do my antibiotic saline wash this morning, but my ears and teeth hurt so I know it is there. Hopefully, it will respond to the saline stuff so I am not doomed to take more oral antibiotics to screw up my bowels. It is bad enough the reflux is giving me fits, but with all the sinus drainage it doesn’t surprise me.

I didn’t do too bad today. I left with the understanding that I would spend about $135 between Kroger and Randall’s. I walked out of Kroger some $80.64 later! Since I got the milk at Kroger, I was only set to spend another $35 or so at Randall’s. I came in well under the predicted expense. That even included toilet paper (2 packages of Quilted Northern, 6 double rolls each). It even included 6 boxes of name brand cereal.

Of course, I still need to go get Ben’s razor cartridge refills, but those weren’t even factored into the estimate I had come up with. I’ll run to Wal-mart tomorrow to get those as they tend to be cheaper there.

I am truly enjoying being able to get out of the store for less. It feels good. It feels great to go to the freezer and look in it to put groceries away and totally have to scratch the head and ask, “Where am I going to put it?” I was totally delighted to see that I had a mostly full freezer and manage to keep it that way. The pantry is much of the same! I still have a few items on the table that I have to rearranged the cabinets in order to get this stuff put away. It just hurts to bend over right now with all the sinus crap.

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