I just finished my 3rd knitting project of 2009!

GO ME! I was going to make this doll poncho a little longer, but I was getting frustrated with the stitches slipping off the “other” end of the double pointed needles. Ooops! Oh well, I had done what I was supposed to do, I just wanted to add a couple more rows of knitting. Oh well, I just decided to bind it off and call it done. It is cute! Way cuter than I thought anything pink could be, but it is done. I just need to finish off with weaving the ends in.

Of course, I wanted to finish the project I had started over 4 years…I figured I pick it up and look at it and scratch my head and try to figure out what the heck I was doing when I last touched it. *laugh* I had finished more than I thought I had. I had finished 1 whole section. Yay! Of course, I couldn’t find the needles that I had been using. Evidently that was why I had finished more than I thought I did because I probably finished it so I could have the needles for something else. Of course, now I have no clue where they are. *sigh* I figure there wasn’t enough yarn left in that particular skein of yarn anyway, so I would have to find the other skeins of that particular yarn in that particular color. *scratching head* Just where will those be? I certainly hope that they are in the closet in one of the big tubs of sewing/craft project supplies. *shrug*

So instead I turned to another project that again was left incomplete. See a trend here? I don’t think this one has remained incomplete for over 4 years though. *shrug* At least the needles where there. *laugh* Alas, the book is missing! I have no clue where the book is. It wasn’t in the drawer I pulled the project out of. It wasn’t in the other drawers in my bedside table where it had been stashed for who knows how long. I figured maybe I had decided a while ago to scrap that project altogether and put the book on the shelf. I didn’t find it there. *scratching head* I even went and quickly looked in my office (that in all fairness is an absolute disaster, so I could possibly have missed it). I know which book it is, I just can’t find it.

I did find this lace pattern that I had tried a while back, but didn’t have much success on it. I was getting frustrated so I did scrap it. I might pick that back up again at some point. Not right now, mind you. I am just not ready for that yet. But I would like like to try again.

Tomorrow, I will spend some time digging in tubs in my closet and hopefully find the skeins of yarn that matched the one project. I’ll need to find the needles too. I’ll also spend some time in my office hopefully finding the book for the other project. *sigh* I guess if I can’t find the yarn, needles, or book I’ll just have to pick up that lace pattern after all and work on that. *laugh* Or start another doll poncho. *giggle*

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