No reception

I think I have found the one place in the library that has NO cell phone reception whatsoever! The saddest part is that I am sitting right next to an entire wall of windows over looking a large open area. *sigh*

Let’s hope that the text message to my brother via email made it to him with my location in the library because it is not the usual place I sit – it was already occupied (both places actually).

So if you want to be completely left alone (aside from the people who are talking…and the fact that not even 8 feet from me someone’s cell phone keeps ringing)…this is the place!

The best part is that the sun is not shining in these windows so they are cool and the screen of the laptop does not get all washed out. This is always nice.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a table here. The chairs with laptop rests (arm rests with tables on them) aren’t bad, just not the most comfortable things on the planet. Well I guess you can say that they are a tad more comfortable than the standard issue library table chairs.

Alas, no reception at all on my cell phone.

At least it is quiet. I have managed to get a few more papers designed for my next scrapbook kit. I am probably about halfway through with this kit. Then one more kit for 3 Scrapateers…then I am free to design what I will for a year.

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