I was going to say that I “accomplished nothing” today, then…

I was going to say that I “accomplished nothing” today, then I sat down and looked at the empty shelf on the bookcase across the room and listened to the hum of the dryer and the whirling of the washing machine. Still, I did not accomplish as much as I wish I had or even what I wanted to do today.

The day started with an aching back. It was killing me! Naturally, this marks the time of the month that every female wishes would wander off and find someone else to bother. I knew it was coming, but the past 2-3 months, the back ache has been worse than being 38 weeks pregnant and ready to serve an eviction notice to the child inside. I am not pregnant nor do I ever plan or intend to be pregnant again. Just that’s the miserably, uncomfortable backache I have been suffering from. I hope next month is better. We’ll see.

But the day proceeded to making sure that Andrew and Kyle are out the door to the school bus stop on time with their back packs and lunches. Then get Lance into clean clothes. It is no small feat to get an unwilling 4 year old into clothes, let alone clean clothes. I’d be content to let him stay in his PJ’s all day if I didn’t have places to be and things to do.

Off to grandma’s house. He “had” to take his huge monster Tonka Dump Truck with him. *laugh* He packed his backpack and loaded it and his dump truck into the minivan all by himself. I can’t complain as he was sitting, buckled into his car seat (booster), waiting patiently for me to get myself together enough to get out the door and into the car. He then unloaded all his stuff from the car and took it into Grandma’s house, where I am sure at least one fight broke out between Lance and Katlynn over who could touch the dump truck. He loves that dump truck and he’s very protective of it. Won’t let anyone touch it.

Then I am off with my brother Jonathan to take him to school and Lance stays with Grandma. He’s not in class long, so it is just a quick trip. Too quick if you ask me…someone who was trying to get SOMETHING accomplished and worked on…not enough time to get much done. Then back by my house to get the registration paperwork so I can get my car re-registered with the State of Texas. Somehow, the last day of the month always gets away from me when these things expire. Stopped at the elementary school to empty the back of my minivan into the paper recycling bins – the bins were just as full as usual. At least I had my brother to help load up so it was quick work. Then by the bank to order new checks. Then back to mom’s to drop my brother off.

While Grandma and Lance walked Katlynn to school, I drove over to the courthouse to get my car registered. I am almost there and realized that I didn’t have any checks, hence the reason I was ordering checks. The courthouse doesn’t take debit cards, but naturally there are no easily accessible ATM machines between where I am and the courthouse. I remembered that the courthouse has an ATM machine, so that would just have to work and hoped that the fee wouldn’t be too bad ($1.50). I then stood in line. Got to love standing in line. It wasn’t too bad. It usually isn’t at that courthouse, at least not for the first or last part of the month. You just have to come to expect a “line” if you put things off. I think I was in line for about 25-30 minutes, so not too bad. Well, my back was killing me, but it wasn’t so bad considering the line was actually moving. At least my car is legal again.

Then back to my mothers to grab some lunch and to get Lance. Then back home.

So I decide that I am going to make room for the DVDs on the bookcases in our living room. I figure I’d just move one shelf from those bookcases to one of the bookcases in our bedroom. There was a little room in there, at least. Naturally, the books didn’t all fit on the “height” of any of the shelves in there so I had to readjust everything on those shelves. Stirring up dust is not a good thing for me. So I sit here, resting, trying to catch my breath between sneezes looking at this empty shelf on the bookcase across the room.

In the meantime, through all of this, I managed to start the washer, load that into the dryer, and restart the washer again.

So I was going to say that I got absolutely nothing done today. Reality is, however, I simply can’t say that.

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