Today the Christmas tree comes down!

Alas, I’ve put it off long enough. It is now officially bugging me that the Christmas tree still stands in my living room. Yesterday I started removing the ornaments between doing all the many other things that go on during the day. I am probably about 2/3 of the way through the process of getting all the ornaments off the tree. Today I will finish. Ben can put the tree away later today. We’ll then have an empty corner in the living room. *laugh*

I have already started the dishwasher this morning. I need to go wash the pans that get washed by hand, but that shouldn’t take me long.

I haven’t started the washing machine, yet, but really there aren’t any clothes to wash except the clothes from yesterday. YES, I have stayed on top of the laundry this week. Can you believe it? I ran 1 full load (darks and reds) and a half load (whites) yesterday.

Now to bring up to date the posting of my pictures every day. I’ve got several!

Pictures from January 14, 2009

I have a couple for today…

One is never enough! The soup was on sale and with coupons, that makes for a good price (well sometimes, at least this time). So, I bought 10 cans of it – 6 cans of Tomato and 4 cans of Chicken Noodle. The kids and Ben had better get to eating!

My little Lance! He is such a goof.

Picture from January 15, 2009

Tools of my trade! I took this picture for something else. An idea. It was picture worthy. You’ll have to watch out for what it became.

Pictures from January 16, 2009

Today, I have a few…as well, a drippy faucet makes for plenty of photo ops.

The drip – where it all starts.

In mid-air, before it hits.

The part you never see – the splash! [At least I couldn’t see it, not in the kitchen sink.]

Lance isn’t feeling well – I think he’s getting a cold or something.

Picture from January 17, 2009

Christmas ornaments – coming off the tree.

Keep checking back for more…you know there will be more…we’re not even through January yet, so there is an entire year of more!

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  1. Neat splash shot; I’ve also got a drippy faucet – now to see if I’ve got a steady hand to get in macro and get it right. 🙂 Thx for the inspiration.

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