The tree is ready to dance naked in the streets

I have managed to get ALL the ornaments off the Christmas tree and into their tubs/buckets/boxes. Go me! That’s no small feat. I didn’t even get the ladder out. I’ll save that for Ben. *evil laugh* How did I get the ornaments off the top of the 9ft tree, you ask? This thing:

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The Gopher was a spontaneous purchase. I looked behind the washer and freezer to find to my eyes an unopened bag of Huggies Pull-Ups. As anyone who has kids that wear them or have worn them, they are not exactly cheap. I HAD to get them out from behind them. I also found a couple of small packages of toilet paper behind there. This is almost as important as the Pull-Ups. So I called Ben and told him to get me a “reachy thingy.” He comes home with a Gopher.

I can tell you that the Gopher has been worth every cent of that $19.99 he paid for it! So I used my handy Gopher to pick the ornaments off the top of the tree one by one.

The only thing that remains on the Christmas tree is the star, perched upon its head like a tiara. So, the tree is ready to go dance naked in the streets! *giggle*

I’ve got everything aside from the star I can’t reach (without the ladder and even then it is a REACH so I’ll let Ben do that when he gets home), the 2 smaller Christmas trees that go in the bag with the bigger one, and a Christmas cookie tin (plastic) that has been dumped, washed, and is now drying.

Some how, I managed to get everything back into the tubs – plus some – and still have a small amount of room left in the big 20 gallon tubs! *scratching head*

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