Do you christen a waffle iron?

Mom got me a new waffle iron for Christmas. I had previously dumped the 3 we had – 1 small round one, 1 heart shaped one, and 1 Belgium one – in the garbage. They were bad. They were the ones we got when we got married. They did not quite make it 10 years. I ditched them this summer after trying to make waffles for 6 hungry kids for dinner one nice. Yeah, that was an experience. Feeding 6 STARVING kids with 3 small waffle irons. I won’t complain as they served their time well for 9.5 years. I won’t complain about that.

Alas, mom asked me what I needed…urrrr…wanted for Christmas. Naturally I wanted a waffle iron…urrrr…needed a waffle iron. I new exactly what I wanted. I wanted something bigger. I wanted something with removable plates so it could be easily washed. Mom catered to that very whim this past Christmas! I got a brand spanking new Black & Decker waffle iron that was not only bigger but had removable plates. It is so nice and shiny. It was almost as good as the All-Clad Double Burner Griddle and All-Clad Grande Grille. Which were almost as good as the Wacom Bamboo Fun.

So tonight I took it out of the box. Having church at 1:30pm is sometimes obnoxious as well there isn’t enough time to thaw anything out and sometimes you don’t want to cook and sometimes you just aren’t hungry. Ben stayed home with Lance today and Andrew, Kyle, and I ran by my parents’ house on the way home from church. Kyle needed to ask Grandpa to cut his Pinewood Derby car for him so we could get it painted and whatnot before the 30th. I get home and Ben said he had eaten just an hour and an half earlier. No big deal, but I’ve still got to feed 3 hungry boys. Then it hits me…quick, easy, and sure to get eaten – waffles.

So I crack open that new waffle iron (take it out of the box) and get it ready for its maiden voyage on what will likely become a long journey of meals. I go to make the waffle batter only to realize that I don’t have any more baking powder! *gasp* I had used the last of it baking for Christmas. I hadn’t gotten any more yet. What is one to do? Fortunately, I had gotten everything in the bowl except for the dry ingredients. I had added the salt, I was trying to get the baking powder when I realized the problem. All I can say is thank goodness for pancake mix and Bisquick!

So my waffle iron is no longer virgin. It is sitting on my counter with batter drippings around it. I have to thank it for a wonderful experience. I have to thank it for taking that willing step and providing a delicious dinner for us tonight. I’ll clean it in the morning and put it away.

In 10 days I’ll get to use another of one of my presents…this one thanks to my mother-in-law…the Wilton Fanci-Fill Cake Pan Set. Andrew will be thanking her after the fact I am sure. Now…to figure out how to get the ice cream soft enough to put inside the cake. Wait! I’ve got it! I’ll just have to make ice cream to put inside the cake as then it won’t be hard until I put it in the freezer. The ice cream maker will appreciate the trip out of the cupboard. What I really need is an extra bowlfor the ice cream maker. I guess I should ask him what kind of cake he wants…urrr…what kind of ice cream he wants. I figure it will probably be chocolate with cookies and cream.

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