Who said it could be cold outside?

So this morning I reluctantly got out of bed. This actually isn’t surprising most mornings. I am not a morning person. I don’t remember if I ever was a morning person, but for as long as I can remember I have not done mornings “gracefully.” No reason for me to start now, right? I am a late night person.

Last night was a 2am crash in bed night. This is normal. Do not be alarmed. In all fairness, I was working on the last of the Flash work for web clients last night. I was excited to get it all done! Go me! Go me! Go me! I am so doing the happy dance here. Now on to the next project that is all in my head!

So now you’re sitting there thinking, “its only 8am and she went to bed at 2? How does she do that?” Well the answer is, I just do. I am really fine functionality wise so long as I get at least 4 hours of sleep. Since I got up shortly before 8am, I did meet the “at least 4 hours of sleep” requirement for functioning. Don’t you roll your eyes at me! The fact is that I do just fine so long as I get a little sleep. I figure almost 6 hours and we’re good. Besides, it is the weekend so tomorrow I can sleep in…or at least try to with 3….urrrrr…..4 noisy boys in the house. *giggle*

But enough about •MY• sleep habits, they aren’t so important.

This morning I awoke to 32˚F temperatures outside. It feels like 25˚F! Yesterday, it was only 26˚F outside. Yesterday we got up into the 50s. Today they say the high will only be 48˚F! Now, I know that’s no where near as cold as many many many places are right now, but for Gulf Coastal Texas, it IS cold! Of course this morning I walked outside barefoot in my light weight cotton pj pants and a short sleeve t-shirt. Why? Because Ben wanted to show me something “odd.” I have to say it is odd. Someone had knocked over every other brick on our flower bed surrounds. *scratching head* Everyone stay warm!

Update on my progress for the year…
• Blog every day – Check! You’ve probably noticed that I have been an total over achiever in this department.
• Take pictures every day – Check! OK so I missed one day, but I make up the next day if I don’t. Like I said, it has only happened 1x so far.
• Work on artistic ability – Yeah, I am working on it. Take it easy! Mentally, I am doing that. I’ve got ideas going through my head. Well, technically, photos are artsy…yes, I have done that too. No, actually not actively doing it every day. I just went and looked at my original post and it just said “more often.” Check. *wiping sweat off brow* I’ve been doing other things, so haven’t made the time to sit and draw or anything of that nature.
• I have been knitting a LOT more. I am actually about 8 inches into knitting a doll scarf suitable for an 18″ doll. That’s progress. That has been fun.

There, that is the update in a nutshell. I should be hearing vast amounts of applause right now. Too bad the only thing I am hearing right now is (1) Sponge Bob and (2) the ringing in my head. Does the noise in my head bother you?

I am just glad that today is Friday. Today I really need to get the Christmas tree stripped of all its prettiness (aka ornaments) so that it can get put away for another 11 months. It has been unlit for 2 weeks and now it is starting to bother me. Maybe I’ll have more time today since I don’t have an immediate deadline for anything.

I’m going to go eat breakfast and hopefully have enough “motivation” to stay out from under this nice toasty warm blanket and get the decorations off the tree.

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