This week’s reminder

This week have been reminded why I really dislike Macromedia…urrr…Adobe Flash work. It isn’t that it is super hard. It isn’t, well depending on what you’re doing and need to do. It is just TEDIOUS! UGH! I’ve got 3 projects to modify for 3 client sites. Maybe modifying them is worse than started fresh? *scratching head* It doesn’t help that one of them has 4x as many pictures to put into the project than the original Flash file had in it. So not only do I have to just swap the pictures, I have to add another 20 or so images to it – lengthening the production, altering the tweens, and ultimately making the file larger. It is tedious, tedious, tedious! Here I was thinking I wanted to do more Flash work, then this week I was reminded just why it isn’t on the top of my priority list.

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