Sleep is good…and…other ramblings…

For the most part, I think that sleep is highly over-rated. That would be the mantra for anyone who suffers from insomnia on a regular basis. I think I have found a cause of my insomnia. It isn’t anything you’d think of really since I’ve taken it for so long. Have I suffered from insomnia that long? I now think that the insomnia is a result of taking Sudafed PE (even the generic brands as that’s what I have right now). I typically take the PE format instead of the regular when I am taking anything like Advil. It is a sad attempt to keep my blood pressure from elevating too much. I emptied the Advil bottle a couple of days ago. I have taken Tylenol yesterday and today. Instead of PE formatted Sudafed, I’ve taken the standard issue 4-6 hour Sudafed. Yesterday the insomnia was still hanging around. Last night that was CLEARLY not a problem as I fell asleep in the recliner and woke up this morning when Kyle woke me up to ask me to open something for him (he was packing his lunch for school). Sweet sleep! I feel great today. Well if you dismiss the sinus headache, the excessive snottiness and drainage down my throat, and the clogged ears. All is good. I’ll have to stay off the PE formatted Sudafed for a few days and see if the trend remains that I can actually sleep. Then take one and see what happens. It tends to last a couple of days. I smell an experiment coming on.

Grocery shopping is always interesting when you’re rushed and you’re at Randall’s doing the shopping. Add a sick cashier and a grumpy customer in line behind me and it makes for an interesting experience. I didn’t do awful, but I did spend more than I had planned. It is all good though. I feel great about the stock of food and non-food items alike that now grace my shelves and cupboards. It is always a great feeling to actually get A LOT of stuff for the money spent at the grocery store and still be around the budgeted amount. This week one of my focuses will be working on getting all my coupons and stuff organized again. It really does help. Getting behind doubles the amount of work and time it takes to get the list compiled and everything ready to go.

Today, it is just Lance and me at home. How exciting!

This morning I have already knitted a couple of rows on a little project. I am trying to learn the “continental” method of knitting. I’ve been knitting for about 5 years but have never tried the “continental” method. I started a project 2 nights ago. If all goes well, it will be a gift for one of my nieces. At first it was rough. It is so slow. We are always slower when we’re working on new methods/techniques. That doesn’t worry me even though the “continental” method is supposed to be faster. The knit 1, purl 1 pattern is just slow now matter what method, I’ve been told. This is true. However, I cast on 60 stitches and worked 2 rows in over an hour. That’s awful speed. The stitches were extremely tight. Not cool. Makes it harder to work. Last night was better. Yay! that is encouragement as I am determined to learn this method. I saw someone doing it shortly before Christmas and I was just in awe. I picked it up this morning and did a couple more rows and it is even easier this morning! GO ME! The stitches are still snug, but they are improving. Getting the tension right is always important and it just comes along with the process of learning. I’ll keep working on it.

Because I fell asleep last night, I didn’t take my daily photo yesterday. *big frown* That’s alright, I’ve taken so many every day so far that I’ve more than made up for a single missed photo. Today, I’ll take at least 2 photos. This morning I have taken a picture of my knitting progress the last few days. This is really a big thing for me.

Today, my plans are to finish up the last of the laundry piles. I need to go load the dryer now that I mention that. I also want to get all my digital scrapbook designer applications submitted today. I also want to get some web design work done. I really need to start getting the ornaments off the tree (I am thinking tonight after the kids go to bed because I do not need or want help doing that). If there is time, I’ll scrapbook some more for my grandparent’s book.


  1. You’ll be able to get the hang of continental, especially since you crochet. Since all I ever did before knitting was crochet, I’m only able to knit continental since you hold the yarn in practically the same way as when you crochet.

    And it is a lot faster than knitting English/American – you don’t have to keep dropping a needle in order to pull the yarn around. It is very freeing and once you get the hang of it, you can knit up a storm without your hands/arms aching.

    Miss you…

  2. Miss you too!

    I have found that about 5 rows in it is definitely getting easier. I am sure that once I get past the knit 1, purl 1 pattern (just over another inch to go), it will vastly improve.

    It is easier to “read” the stitches that are right there in front of me, I’ve noticed. Right now I am dropping a lot of stitches (clumsy fingers) but I am able to pick them all back up without problems. I had a hard time doing that with the English Method. I’d just start ripping.

  3. Sometimes I wish I could teach myself to knit or crochet, but I sense that I would probably just end up buying supplies for a project and then never finishing anything. Knitting looks like it takes too much patience for me, lol!

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