One store down, one more to go…

Curse those little shopping carts. I thought they were a good idea at one time. If you’ve got a child that likes pushing things, they are perfect. If you’ve got a wild maniac child like Lance when he gets behind the handle of one…good luck! Keep all toes, ankles, and heels out of the potential path of the cart! Two whacks of the ankle and heel and we had us a rather loud discussion about how he would NOT be pushing if he didn’t walk like a normal human being and push the cart correctly. I mean, come on, race cars?!?!? He was just fine until we got to the aisle with the road stripes on it. It was all over then and there. All in all, I like the carts. It gives him something to do at least. There are reasons I do not take the kids to the grocery store with me if I can help it. It isn’t so bad when it is just one of them but all three of them is a nightmare times ten.

So I managed to get through Kroger in right about an hour. That included the time I spent telling Lance to settle down, not to touch, to put stuff back, and knock it off. Not bad if I do say so myself. Considering they only had a single register open outside of the self-check registers and I was the third person in line, it isn’t bad at all. I don’t mind doing the self-check registers. I prefer to bag my own groceries. I HATE how both Kroger and Randall’s bag my groceries. I just don’t like using them when I have a lot of coupons. I had a ton of coupons today.

I didn’t do half bad. Of course, the average bystander would wonder if we actually EAT at our house, but oh well. They don’t know how much food I already have in my house to eat. Since I’ve had the nieces and nephew here over the Christmas holiday break, I went through a bit more laundry detergent and stuff than I would normally so this was a stock up week especially since I didn’t “really” go shopping for a couple of weeks with my surgery (just necessities). I planned on spending almost $75 in there. I spent about $62. Since that included 18 containers of name brand yogurt, 6 bottles name brand shampoo/conditioner, 2 bottles of name brand liquid dish soap (hand washing), and 2 large (100oz) things of name brand liquid laundry detergent, I won’t complain at all. I even got 2 large boxes of taquitos, a loaf of bread, 4 bottles of “expensive” name brand salad dressing, and 3 bags of “expensive” name brand potato chips. I got several other things as well. All in all it was a good trip. I can’t complain. Well I can complain about how they bagged my groceries.

Now, I have to figure out when I am going to get to Randall’s. I still need milk and it is cheapest there right now. We’re almost to crisis mode here. I am not sure I’ll get out of there for as little as I did at Kroger. I’ll give it the honest to goodness try, but I am already within budget.

At the very least, I’ll have clean hands, clean hair, clean dishes, and clean laundry.

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