Progress is always good

The last couple of days have been “accomplished” days. I’ve had my “to do” list take up a full page in a standard sized spiral notebook. Both days I’ve gotten through the majority of items on the list. Priority wise, I got through the things that mattered.

I have been slowly working on things here and there…whittling away that the numerous things I’ve got to get accomplished over the course of the day. Somehow, even marking things off doesn’t always help as the list grows longer as the day goes on. Such is life, but to be able to look at the “to do” list and see that there has in fact been progress is a great feeling by itself.

I’ve been busy busy busy.

Yesterday, I managed to:
• Do a bunch of digital scrapbook kit design stuff – I did not get any design work done, but other things that are important. We’ll call it an effort to reorganize myself. I updated a couple of product galleries and even updated my digital scrapbook blog. I sent out 7 email inquiries to different digital scrapbook stores about potentially joining their design teams. Realized I really need to update some of the older products with newer ones.
• Get started and even complete some typical everyday household things like cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc. I even managed to hang up 2 pictures on the wall. I did a little tidying up in the kitchen.
• Do some research for the web design business and some upcoming things that we need to work on.
• I blogged and took my 2 pictures yesterday (1 for the day before, 1 for yesterday). I really need to get those pictures uploaded off the camera, but it won’t be tonight.
• I put ALL the groceries away – due to the sheer volume of groceries, this is no small task any time I go to the grocery store. Huge accomplishment here!
• I knitted quite a bit yesterday.

Today, I managed to:
• Do even more laundry – I was catching up after my surgery, the holidays, and having my nieces and nephew here. I even managed to get everything that was washed today folded. I have a single basket of whites that still need to be folded from the day before. I even managed to get the mattress pads and sheets on our bed washed. I’ll do the big blanket/comforter tomorrow. It was long past due!
• I cleaned the stove top! I even wiped down the oven door. I did a quick quick vacuum of the “warming drawer” as it was collecting a lot of crumbs and whatnot.
• I vacuumed the kitchen and dining room floors. I am loving my Eureka Stick Vac!!!
• I knitted a little bit throughout the day. I am starting to like the “continental” method of knitting. I am not going to be winning any speed races anytime soon, but I am liking it. I am probably a third of the way through the project I am working on.
• I had Lance help me take the ornaments off the small Christmas tree. I folded up the table clothes and stacked them on the counter beside the ornaments. I’ll get to the rest of it soon.
• I worked on some more digital scrapbook designing stuff in efforts to get organized.
• Ran to Walgreen’s where I was reminded of our annual deductible on our medicine plan with our insurance. UGH! I have to go back in a few days to have them fill my Prevacid as evidently it has been too soon for the insurance to fill it. Ha!
• I sent some emails that needed to be sent in addition to the ones I sent yesterday.
• Went through the 3000 messages in my email SPAM box. Yes, really! I had to check to make sure nothing important got tagged as being spam when it isn’t.
• I did some more research for the web stuff that is coming up.
• I started totally up Andrew’s PE hours so we can get his forms submitted on time for his PE credit.
• Took the boys to karate.
• Ran to Walmart to get a laptop cooler thing for Ben – again. I found filters for my Eureka Stick Vac while I was there!

All in all the past couple of days have been good days.

Tomorrow I need to sit and work on some web design stuff for a client. I talked to him tonight and I am not sure what the issues are so tomorrow I’ll sit and try to figure those out. I need to type up some documentation on how to do a couple of things. I’ll need to do some more research as well. I need to sketch some ideas for a couple of websites (new and redesign).

I of course want to knit some more. I am almost to the point of taking the project off the multiple double pointed needles and putting it onto a circular needle. I have never worked with a circular needle in the round. This should be interesting. I can’t wait! I have decided that I do not like working across multiple needles. I am sure part of my issues are due to the size of the project (NOT very big) and so I am not ready to declare that I will never work on them again. I’ll give them another honest attempt on something larger. All in all, I am pleased with my progress on this project.

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