You’d think I asked for a miracle

All I wanted was to find out how much coats were running so that I could quickly and efficiently buy 3 new coats this year without breaking the bank all at one time. It is a necessary thing as all 3 boys need coats.

Kohl’s is having a sale. Great! It is on the way to piano lessons. Perfect! I’ll drop the boys off and run to see what they have in that 1 hour while I wait. It is only a few blocks away so it is perfect.

They really are having a sale. That is not deniable. However, their idea of what defines a coat is sketchy at best.

For the price, I’ve already got what they were offering at home to some degree or another. It was really sad. Here we are going into WINTER and we can’t find winter coats. I guess they figure we don’t need “coats” in Texas.

I am not sure what the purchasing people were thinking…

What they had as “coats” were WIND BREAKERS. I kid you not. They were nothing more than glorified wind breakers. Well, at least they were fleece lined.

I don’t need a freaking eskimo suit, I just need a warm coat that will last and is sufficient for the humid cold weather we MIGHT get. I am sorry, a wind breaker (lined with fleece or not) is NOT going to protect little bodies from 30หšF temps no matter how “water proof” it is. Come on people! I am not asking for down feathers or anything, just a little loft to help with the “temperature” protection.

The price? Well…they were running about $80 each for the 2 older boys and $60 for the youngest one. Sure they were on sale for 30% off, but I can buy a wind breaker a lot cheaper than that somewhere else.

So I will have to trek across town to the nearest open Burlington Coat Factory to look for coats. I don’t want to wait until we have 30หšF temps before I buy the coats. That would defeat the whole purpose of needing a coat for cold weather. Not to mention the “rush” I’d have to deal with at the store.


  1. That location is closed due to Hurricane Ike damage. I went there first and found out it was closed. ๐Ÿ™ My sister said the one down by her (near Galveston) was also closed. ๐Ÿ™

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