Who needs a costume when they have a coat?

I completely struck OUT on finding the boys Halloween costumes today. They were all over what I was willing to pay or they didn’t have anything left in their sizes. They wanted $30 for a Batman costume Lance’s size. I about fell over. We’re talking cheap costumes here, not quality made. So after 3 stores (I’ve already been looking without them) and ultimately the fabric store, I gave up. We only went to the fabric store because I was desperate. I do not have time to make costumes, but some how….well they didn’t find anything in the pattern catalogs either so I was wiping the sweat off my brow. Who would have thought that it would be so hard to find a simple Halloween costume??? I just have a problem paying that much for something that is going to fall apart. The kids like to play with them after the holiday, but they do tend to fall apart fairly quickly. My mother gets them for mending often.

The rest of the adventure was finding winter coats. We trekked across town to the nearest OPEN Burlington Coat Factory. Let me just say that BCF is NOT one of my favorite places to go shopping for anything, but this time of year it is what we’ll call a necessary evil. I can’t stand their return policy. It sucks. Plain and simple. Alas they are practically the only place in town where you can (1) find a nice selection of winter coats and (2) find winter coats at affordable prices. So we went! Wouldn’t you know it that we found 3 boy coats that were within what I was “mentally budgeting” to spend on them. They were each $45 and they all have the fleece lined wind breaker jacket liners inside the coats. That is what I wanted. I didn’t want anything fancy, I am just “realistic.” I know that we don’t need a whole lot of coat down here, but a light jacket is sometimes needed.

I have worn the same wool coat for the last 12 years. It is either that or my high school letter jacket. Maybe I should consider getting a new one? Maybe when they go on clearance I’ll pick one up.


  1. I feel the exact same way you do about BCF … why in the world do they have that policy? No one else around here does that. I avoid that place like the plague, even if it means I have to make a trip to the mall.

  2. I gave Jacob a coat for his birthday last year and he lost it within a week. I check the lost and found at school multiple times before the end of the school year. I wasn’t ready to buy a new one, again, so thank goodness for garage sales last week- we got lucky.

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