And with this post…

And with this post, I have officially made more blog entries during October 2008 than I made the entire year of 2006. Go me! Woohoo! That’s the way to keep up with things. Now, you have to remember that I do have another blog, but we’re only looking at THIS blog’s entries.

Since the month is not quite over YET, it is possible that I will have more blog entries during October 2008 than I had during the entire year of 2007.

So there you have it, my goal for the week is to blog at least 8 more times. Wow, that means that you’re going to have to hear from me more than 1x a day over the next week. Prepare yourselves!

Yes, this was a senseless post…

Then again, it is MY blog so I can say whatever I want to!


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