Where did it all go?

Photoshop does not like it when you have less than 20 gig of space left on your hard drive. There is no difference between Mac or PC format. It even makes no difference if you are running a PC version on a Mac via VM Fusion. Go figure! I keep getting the blasted “scatch disks are full” errors. If you’ve used Photoshop, you’ve gotten them at least once. Go ahead, admit it. You know the whole routine. Pray that you can save the item, shut down Photoshop, reboot, try again. I can tell you that it is as irritating as it always has been.

So I thought I would be brilliant. I’d simply clean off the external drive I have and reformat it and move everything over there (backing everything up to DVD and/or CD first of course). Brilliant idea I tell you. I grab the IEEE capable external hard drive, its power cord, and the IEEE cable that was laying on the desk – just screaming my name, saying, “I’m faster, pick me.” Off I go to take my brother to school. I would have plenty of time in the library to transfer stuff to the drive.

I was going to be SNEAKY and transfer it to the drive as is…I wouldn’t be able to write to the external hard drive as it was as for the Mac it is readable, but not writable (hence the need to reformat it). No problem, I have Windows running on this baby. I’ll just get it up and running and burn things through the shared folders on the Windows/VM Fusion partition on the drive.

It should work…in theory.

So I get started. Only to find that it wouldn’t recognize the drive. What? Do a quick Google search and wouldn’t you know it, this is not an uncommon issue. Evidently you can’t use IEEE ports on a Mac via VM Fusion. Gee, I certainly hope that they are working on that feature.

But here is the real question…

If you have a 120 gig drive and only 27 gig of it is taken up by your digital design work…where did the other 93 gigs of hard drive capacity go?

If you still have 93 gigs of space to work with and only 23 gigs of it is dedicated to all those fabulous digital pictures…where did the other 70 gigs go?

And if only 10 gig is dedicated to the VM Fusion to run Windows on your Mac (and the Mac is showing that partition and all the misc stuff that goes with it at 13 gig), where did the other 57 gigs of the hard drive go?

The next obvious thing would be all the school work you’ve done the past year or so. I mean, it is graphics work some of it (well, a lot of it) so it must be the culprit. There is another 1.5 gigs. At this point, you should be scratching your head. Where are the remaining 55.5 gigs?

I don’t know.

I’m busy burning everything to CD/DVD right now so that I can start deleting stuff off the drive. I’ve already reformatted that external hard drive and moved all the digital scrapbooking stuff and photos over there.

Where oh where did my hard drive go?

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