A {COLD} front!

They claim we’re going to need a few extra blankets tonight. The weather has been beautiful lately. It is a nice treat after Hurricane Ike. This is how October should feel. We are currently under RAIN! The cold front is on its way. They say that this cold front will have some staying power. We’re supposed to get down to 49˚F tomorrow night. We’re not supposed to get above 69˚F on Thursday???

Maybe this is my reminder that I need to do a “coat check” for the boys. I know Andrew needs a bigger coat. I am not sure if Andrew’s coat is in good enough shape to pass down to Kyle. We’ve used it for 3 years already I think. I don’t have another coat Lance’s size as we don’t use coats very often and so there are gaps. Burlington Coat Factory might have a visitor soon…I just hate to spend much on coats when we might wear them 3 times all winter. Of course, this could be the year we get a bunch of sub-freezing weather. I am not sure I should hope for that as I don’t like freezing weather, but it would be nice to have a cool winter.

All I can say is “bring it on!”


  1. LOL We’re heading into summer here, so I’m doing the opposite in that I’m trying to make sure the kids have enough summer clothes and that their swimmers still fit!

  2. Maybe creative layering would work – or a two season “coat” like a down vest? We’re in the Chicago area – NEED coats – but it’s still a drag to have to buy them! (Kohl’s – with coupons!) Visiting via the DST blog train – you can visit me here: htpp://isladeangela.wordpress.com/

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