Great dish rags

So I looked at a lot of dishrag patterns online and offline. I like to carry a physical pattern around with me that I can refer back to if I forget something. Heaven forbid I drop a stitch and I have to figure out where I “went wrong.”

So I tend to like sources where I can at the very least get a printer friendly copy. So heads up to all those places out there that put patterns up but do not make it easy to print. I will keep that in mind for myself in the future. Make it easy. I would even be happy if it was available to put in iBooks or something. I just want a copy with me to refer back to.

Anyway, here are some of the fun resources I found. You can probably find these at your local craft stores, but I know a lot of you are big online shoppers.

These would make some great gifts for people:

Little Kitchen Helpers (crochet)

Knit Dishclothes

Trendy Knit Dishclothes 

There are many more options available. If you go to Pinterest, you will find an endless supply of patterns. If you go to Ravelry, you will also find an endless supply of patterns. 
The pattern that I used in my previous post is not in any of these books. I went with something a bit smaller and more compact like a sponge. I wanted that scrubby sponge feel and function hence why I ended up mentally combining a couple of patterns and mentally making my own. I am in particular interested in the knitted patterns in the Knit Dishclothes book, however. The Trendy Knit Dishclothes made with a soft cotton yarn would make lovely face clothes and a lovely personalized gift. These books have lots of possibilities in my future.
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