What clean base foods look like

A lot of people do not believe me when I say that making your own chicken broth and cream of chicken soup makes the difference. It really does, I promise.

This is what clean, homemade bases look like. This is butter, minced garlic (since I was not cooking for my sister), homemade chicken broth, and homemade cream of chicken soup. I was making the sauce for the Tangy Chicken Thighs.

There is nothing but pure ingredients in there what I can pronounce and that I know what they are. The preservatives are limited. This smells so rich and intense because the spices were from a good and trusted spice provider. They were fresh vegetables in the broth.

It does make a difference.

Now this was only a day old and from my fridge. I can assure you that a month from now, these ingredients will look just as good and smell just as good. The only difference is that the soup will not look as creamy. Cream and milk tend to separate once they have been in the freezer. So the cream of chicken soup tends to separate once it is thawed. It is not a problem, it just needs to whisked back together. I find that it tends to be a bit thicker after thawing. I thin it with a little water or milk – whichever is appropriate for the recipe – as necessary.

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