Pay attention to the recipes

So I emphasize to Lance a lot lately to pay attention to details. Unfortunately, that does not mean that I always practice what I preach.

I just went to put together the beginnings for dinner and saw that I had missed an important detail on the recipe – again.

Tonight we are having Tangy Chicken Thighs.

We are having it tonight primarily because I have chicken thighs in the fridge as the meat will not fit in the freezer. I need to cook that stuff before I get to the meats in the freezer. I also need the room in the fridge as much as I need the room in the freezer. I am really in a catch-22.

Well I neglected the fact that the recipe is a “slow cooker” recipe.

That is not a bad thing. It is not. I just do not have a slow cooker here at the apartment. I gave away my big slow cooker before we moved to my friend, Devon Lee. I was afraid that it would get broken in the move as it was showing its age from years of use. I kept my small one as it was still in mostly unused shape. Aside from the fact that I did not like it because the ceramic bowl did not come out for washing, it was usable. The catch? The slow cooker is in a box somewhere in storage. I have no idea where that box is and the storage unit that it is in is packed so full that there really is no hope of finding it. At least no reasonable hope until we unpack it.


Today’s practice is finding a substitution for a slow cooker and an oven that cooks too hot. Really it should not be too hard in theory. A slow cooker simply cooks at low temperatures in a pot with a lid. In theory, I should be able to use a ceramic baking dish with a lid in the oven at a low temperature for several hours and accomplish the same results. In theory.

I do have a ceramic baking dish with a lid. I have one. It is even big enough for tonight’s experiment. The big question remains to whether or not the oven here in this apartment will cooperate long enough to bake at low temperatures for that long.

We’re going to find out.

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