Yes, we really are moving

So we had to move all the boxes back to the house from the storage unit so that everything would be at the house when the movers came. We did that today. Now we have piles of boxes throughout the house.

Reality check for everyone that was still in denial – we are moving! Proof is in the boxes now piled up all through my house. WE ARE MOVING!!! Sorry there is no denying it anymore. It will soon be, good-bye Tomball, Texas.

The piles do not look too intimidating yet. Let me just remind you that there are piles in every single room in the house (except the bathrooms). The garage is piled over our heads at this point. I am not even sure how the packers are going to be able to get to the remaining stuff to pack it. Moving day is going to be a lot of fun for them.

I am starting to get excited and very emotional at the same time. Reality is setting in. I cannot turn back now. I do not want to really. It is sad because I am leaving a lot of years of memories and good friendships behind. I am looking forward to what we have ahead of us though.

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