The rain starts somewhere

The greater Houston area has been hit hard lately with heavy rains. We experienced flooding last Friday for example. We are fine here where we live. It was tense a little. Just a little. The older two boys were stranded in the church parking lot because they could not get back into the neighborhood due to localized street flooding.

They are predicting severe flooding for the area again. The problem is, they do not know exactly what to say for just how bad it will be. They are just saying that it will be – bad. With what we have been experiencing since April 15th, it does very much have the likelihood to turn bad very quickly.

To put it in perspective, there is rain all over the state. We live in Gulf Coast Texas. The rivers and creeks all run to the coast. The coastal ends of the rivers and creeks are at their max capacity of water retention. Many are over capacity – hence all the flooding. It is bad. We are talking record level flooding in some areas. The areas on the upper ends (inner state ends) of the rivers and creeks are also getting rain right now. ALL OF THAT RAIN has to go somewhere. The water runs down stream and combines with the existing water. It just makes a bad situation even worse. This is why this is making it seem like “doom and gloom” right now here. 

As of this morning, this is what the radar looks like. This is where it starts. It does not seem bad. It seems like an innocent shower. Nothing major. Except if you add in a little heat from our Texas days and it will begin to fuel those little innocent storms. That is not all, if you zoom out and add in what they are saying on the weather stations – there is more to add to it. There are real bonafide weather conditions out there that really are going to fuel these storms. So yes, these little innocent showers look like nothing right now, but given a few hours they could become ferocious and unforgiving torrential down pours.

Be prepared everyone.

Welcome to Hurricane Season. This isn’t even a hurricane. This is just a Texas Thunderstorm. Buckle up, we’re in for a lot of rain over the next 3-4 days. 

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