Houston Area Flooding is Real

So you guys might be hearing about the crazy flooding in Houston – again. We’re on our 3rd round.

We were actually on the road TO and FROM the Dallas area yesterday. We were signing our lease for our apartment and finishing up the selections at the design gallery for our new house that we’re building. What took us 4 hours to drive up in the rain yesterday morning took us over 6 hours to drive home yesterday afternoon. ๐Ÿ™

I got a phone call just before 3:30pm yesterday from a friend in our ward asking if she wanted me to bring my youngest child to me somewhere. I normally pick him up on the last street in our neighborhood. He walks down the quarter-mile sidewalk from the school and we go home from there. We live about 2 miles from the school. IF IT IS RAINING HEAVY they will not release the kids from the school unless there is a parent or someone to take custody of them. They do not care WHO is taking custody of them as long as someone is taking them that is responsible for them. She saw him standing there and called to find out if I was on my way to the school.

We were in Madisonville, TX! ๐Ÿ˜€ My oldest son was supposed to be there to get him. Just like I always do. I forgot to tell him to drive up to the school if it was raining hard. I told her to take him to my oldest who would be waiting on the back street of the neighborhood like normal. EXCEPT HE WAS NOT! I called him to let him know she was bringing him to him and to sit tight until she got through the traffic. It is crazy when it rains. My call to him revealed that he was STILL OVER BY THE HIGH SCHOOL where he went to get his other brother.

WHAT?!. They got out of school at 2:35pm!!! Most likely he picked him up at 3:00PM as that’s normally when I am picking him up. I can make it back to the elementary right as it is letting out with no problems with the now open Grand Parkway. Needless to say I have a dead cell phone at this point. I have no idea where my kids are. I have a sister in our ward with my youngest child meeting my oldest child where he has not even arrived and she’s driving into flooding as those were the last words she said as she hung with me. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

Finally we get to Buc-ee’s get me a new charging cable for my phone – my husband’s was almost dead too. I did get in contact with her to let her know that my oldest could not get to her and to keep my youngest for a little while.

A stop at Buc-ee’s to get a new cable. My cable went bad on the road so my phone stopped charging from our little charging device. The charging ports do not work in hubby’s care. OH THIS BECAME AN ADVENTURE. I finally had enough juice in my phone to power it up. My older kids are stuck in the church parking lot just across the rail road tracks from our neighborhood. Not even a half mile from home give or take. They could not get into the neighborhood. MY GOODNESS! What the heck was going on is my thought?!. We are driving into DARK CLOUDS.

Evidently the sky opened up on the Houston area AGAIN (for the 2nd time) yesterday about 2:00PM and DID NOT STOP!!! We crawled for over an hour from Conroe to The Woodlands. That is a distance about 15 miles. At least we were almost home at this point. Oh so close, but so far away.

We hit the Grand Parkway and we hit high water. Fortunately, there was one lane you could get through on. A high jacked up truck got off at the exit. Oh he became a boat. Not funny. You can’t fix stupid. A little further up the Constable was blocking the exit on the other side of the highway. That was the last exit before the high school. Oh my goodness – every road into the high school was flooded. Cars stalled everywhere. My boys were lucky to get out a few hours earlier!!! They said that there were cars stalling in the streets as they were coming out. The Lord was watching out for them yesterday. They ended up in the church parking lot for about 2 hours waiting for the water to go down before they could get into the neighborhood to get their brother.

So if you’re hearing about the flooding down here. It is real. My sister is on her way back to Houston last night to surprise her daughter. She texted me about 1:00AM asking where not to go. LOL. Her daughter’s junior high was a lake from the road all the way to the school. It is probably a good half mile off the road.

Our street in the neighborhood was mostly fine from what I saw from people posting on our HOA page. LOL. Both ends looked wet, but we were fine. I do hope our buyers plan on getting flood insurance. Sigh. We’ve never needed it in 15 years, but this is 3 times in a year that we’ve wished we had it. Just in case. 

We are all fine. 

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