Part of building a house is picking out the colors. That is what we did today.

We get 2 tone paint this time. At least that is what they are claiming it is. Of course, they did not tell us where the “two tones” of paint were going to be. From the model homes, I had my suspicions. At the Design Center they confirmed that. We were hoping that it would be ceiling and walls. My suspicions were that it would be baseboards and walls. The Design Center confirmed that it is in fact the baseboards/trim and the walls.

Of course they will use flat paint and we will have to rectify that problem right away. We will not wait to do it 15 years later this time. We will probably not do it right away, but we will do it over time and we will do it so that we can enjoy it.

Naturally, I am going to have them paint the house something that we are going to be able to live with – something 100% neutral.

So here are my neutrals to start with.

I walked right into the Sherwin Williams store right across the highway from our new neighborhood and started picking. They will not be using SW paint in the house, but at least it is a place to start and I was pulling enough we should be able to match something from the ones that I picked.

These are 100% natural light. Granted the lighting was not very good. These were taken in my car. No flash. 
The one on the bottom right, is Kilim Beige. It is the color we painted our current house. It has grown on me. 
The one on the top in the center is Misty. It is a light grey color. It is a very happy color in my opinion. It is there for reference only. It is the color we had painted our game room in our current house. I am going to paint the craft room/game room in the new house that color I think. It is a neutral grey and in theory will not clash with any colors that I am sewing up in the room. I might go a shade darker actually, but for now it is Misty as the plan. Heck, I might paint a couple of bathrooms upstairs this color. I like it. 
The two in the center (crosswise) are neutral whites. You might laugh that I called whites – “neutral.” In looking at all the whites available. You will be amazed at how not “neutral” a while card can be. So these are the neutrals. I am a purist when it comes to white. These are the 2 purist whites that I could find.

Unfortunately, this shot was with shadowing and bight sunshine, but it shows the difference in the colors with the difference in the light. You need to be prepared for those changes when you paint your house. They change dramatically under different lighting conditions. Look at particular the Kilim Beige. It is quite different under full sun.

We will be doing the light changes the MINUTE we walk into the house. Okay it might not be the minute we walk in, but we know that we will switch ALL lights in the house to lighting that is 2700K LED lights. It is a very different lighting than the compact florescent lights they will be installing in all the light fixtures in the house. It is brighter and more comfortable on the eyes. It will make the Kilim beige NOT look like either of the pictures here. It will be somewhere in between.

So what color did we go with?

We picked Kilim Beige and Pure White. Those were the colors that they had matching paint for at the Design Center.

Naturally, they were whatever their paint brand equivalent were. They may end up being a slightly different color once they get them on the wall. I am okay with that. I am going to be able to get close enough once I switch my house to Sherwin Williams. Once I paint over the flat paint on the wall it won’t matter anymore anyway.

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