Glad I went back

Today Andrew had to be out of his dorm room. Since I had come up last Saturday and obtained a storage unit the week before and thrust a key into Andrew’s hands, he was dutiful and put his stuff into storage before heading back to Tomball, Texas for the short time that we will be there.

I just want to point out that he did NOT need his mother to come move him out of his dorm room. I came up with my van as planned and he managed to get all of his stuff out of his room and into the storage unit all by himself. He has grown up so much. The amazing thing is that he managed to get all the stuff into the storage unit that he did not think that would fit in the Saturn. Surprise! Even the mini-fridge and bookcases fit in the car. He just had to make more trips. 

This is how much stuff freshmen college boys collect over one year. Some of this came from home from day one. NOT ALL OF THIS came from home from day one. We did not carry all of this up in my van on day one. I only took the bookcases up for him separately when I took him back up after a visit in the early fall. I believe that was the first weekend in October. Granted, we bought the plastic drawers and the ironing board at the Walmart there because we did not know what his dorm room looked like until the day we dropped him off on move-in day. So some things he acquired on day one. Still, this is his stuff. He has bought some of that stuff while he was there – the guitar for example. There is a printer in there somewhere as well. 
What you do not see in the picture is my vacuum. He wanted me to bring that up to him so that he could use it to clean his dorm room. Evidently they did not have a vacuum all year in their room. Shrug. Or maybe they did and it was not as good as mom’s. I obliged him and took my Kirby across the state and dropped it off for him to use (and abuse). I mean he could not do anything worse cleaning a dorm room with it than we did cleaning our house, right? Right?!. We were practically using the thing like a shop-vac. Blush. It looks like a shop-vac now, by the way. No really, we were. There were things going into my Kirby that we probably should not talk about. Let me just say that it is the POWER HORSE of the house when it comes to vacuums. If we could not kill it doing what we did, it is a very hearty vacuum. 
Alas, Andrew decided that he could not get all of the stuff that he still had to bring home to Tomball and my Kirby in the car at the same time. So the Kirby ended up in the storage unit. I had to drive up to the storage unit and fetch it to bring it back home. 
Let me just say that I am grateful that I did…
…Did go fetch it. When I walked into that storage unit, I got a good look inside the fridge. When I had been there the night before, I simply pulled open the fridge door and dropped his desktop fan down to hold it open. Fridges stink after being used and then being closed up in storage right away. There is no reason for it to stink, so I propped the door open. It should be safe to close in a few weeks when we return with our stuff after moving out of our house, but we will be propping the doors open on my cooling appliances then for the same reason. 
I did not pay attention to his fridge. He cleaned it out. He took care of all of that. Like I said, I pulled the door ajar and propped it open with the desktop fridge and walked out. It was not until I returned the next morning and was walking INTO the unit and something dark inside the fridge caught my eye. I do not know why it caught my eye. I just checked to make sure it was not important. 

Lodged securely in the door of the fridge, good and tight, was a bottle of Rudy’s Bar-B-Q Sause. Opened. Oh boy! Can you imagine how tasty that would have been in over a month upon our return? It was upside down in the door. I am sure it was forgotten and got wedged in the door when they picked it up to put it in the car. It was good and tight and I had to work to get it out. What the find though.

So sometimes we just have to go get things out of storage because it is better than finding the alternatives much later in time. Thanks Andrew for not fitting the Kirby in the car…

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