A new patch for Lance

At Champions Bushido Karate there is one patch that is coveted by the kids. It is one that they have to work very hard to achieve. They have to show a certain level of maturity and readiness for this patch. For many of them it is very frustrating when they see someone else get it and they know that they have been there longer and have senority. This has been the issue with Lance. He has seen two of his peers get this patch and he has been overlooked. Very frustrating.
Tonight, however, Lance was awarded his Junior Instructor Patch. He’s worked very hard to get to this level and he will be testing for his black belt in a couple of weeks. He was ready for this. He was very excited when he got in the car even if these pictures do not show that. 

A Junior Instructor is a student that is responsible for “instructing” the class if there is no one else around to lead the class. They are expected to teach. Essentially, he has shown mastery of the material to teach in a supervised setting. He is not certified like his older brothers are, but he knows enough to teach the bushido kai karate that he is learning.

Way to go, Lance!

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