How do you respond to this?

Klein ISD has a zero tolerance policy. No one gets hits and no one does the hitting.

I am not sure how I am supposed to respond to this.

It is not the first time that my child has come home with a bruise that is sizable and very noticeable in the past few weeks. If it was a first time maybe I would not be so shocked by the occurrence. Unfortunately, the last time my child was called out for it. He did not really get into trouble per say, but he had to write something about how he would not do certain things along with the other children. That is not cool when your child is on the receiving end of it. Punish the giver not the receiver.

 This is what he looked like at 5:30PM. That is more than 2 hours after school got out.

This is what he looked like at 6:20PM almost 3 hours after school got out.

What happened? He got hit in the face with an umbrella. He got hit in the face with an umbrella on a day when it was not even raining outside.

I am not sure if there was malicious intent or not. I honestly do not care. The fact remains that someone got hurt and no one got called out for careless behavior. That is not enforcing the Zero Tolerance Policy if you ask me. The child hit him. It does not matter if he meant to do it or not. He was swinging his umbrella around (intentionally or otherwise) and hit another child with it. He caused injury. Talk to the child. Call the parent of the child that got hurt. DO SOMETHING! Do not ignore it like it did not happen.

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