Today’s Dallas musings

Please ignore the bug splatters on my windshield. I drove all the way to Dallas from Tomball and in Texas that means you are likely to get a spattering of bugs on your car. This trip was no different…
There are lots of geese here. This really shouldn’t surprise me as seeing there are lots of lakes here. There are lots of water foul here. Geese in particular. I haven’t seen this many geese since our days in Bryan, Texas. 
I dropped Ben off at the office this morning so I could run our earnest money check up to the builder and this was what we were greeted with. Two geese waiting very patiently at the front doors of his office building to get in. Now they did not appear to want anything to do with the lady that walked up to the door as we were pulling up and turned away from the door. They gladly crossed the walkway as Ben got out of the car.
But geese…
I drove out to drop off our earnest money and arrived at the builder’s model home office an hour early. I am irritated that I got there so early, but it simply meant I was changing the order of my errands for the morning. It also meant I would probably not get as many done as I would have to return to the builder’s office before it was too late and they left for lunch. 
So I set out to find another self-storage unit that I found online this morning as I was searching for more options. Last night when I was driving back from meeting my sister, Jennifer, for dessert I had this brilliant idea – look further out. So I looked up some of the ones I saw along my route last night when I got back to the hotel. This morning I looked out further around areas I had not driven through last night. 
This one in Krum, Texas looked promising. It was just off of US 380 a little ways. They claimed it was convenient for students at both UNT and TWU. It was not too far west of I-35. Off I went looking for it. 
The good news is that I found it. 
I found more geese…I had to go around them in the little country road this storage unit was down. 
I should say after yesterday’s search for storage units, today’s adventure was tame. It was all paved roads! No mud. A few rain puddles but no middle and certainly no dirt roads. 
But geese…
Dallas has road signs that while they should be clear, I have to admit I am not sure what they are trying to tell me. I wish I had a picture of the “no walking” signs. Really! There are intersections with signs that clearly have signs with a guy walking and a red circle with a line through it.  Means no walking, right? 
What I am not clear on is this? Does it mean – RUN? There are sidewalks leading up to the intersection. Maybe my confusion is stemmed from the fact that there are many intersections that appear to be worse than these and they are not marked likewise. They certainly are not marked this way in Houston so this could cause deeper confusion. 
Maybe I am suffering from over 30 years of signage illiteracy. I am definitely learning to pay much closer attention to the signs around here. There are A LOT of no u-turn signs, no right on red (during certain times), yield on flashing yellow arrow, etc. It is all those things you learned in Driver’s Ed but you haven’t seen because they just don’t use them where you have been living. 
Yesterday, I turned down a road down US 380 going back to town. I was trying to find another storage unit. The sign I found there said something like “warning flooding when flashing water over roadway.” The sign was mounted on a post that had rail road arms in them. The road then dipped down into the intersection. The entire area and side streets were quite low. Now I thought this signage was quite clever for areas that are prone to flooding. Instant barricade. I had just never seen anything like it before. 

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