Where we are going to be living

We were telling people we were moving to Rockwall, Texas. That was what we thought. It was what we had planned on. It was what we were looking forward to. It was what we had intended.

It was not in the cards, however…

We are moving to Little Elm, Texas.

It some ways it is very similar to Rockwall, Texas…

  • It is near a lake. You could even say that it is on a lake. It is just a different lake. There are plenty of lakes to go around up there in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  • It is near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It is just a different area.
  • There is lots of green space. Lots and lots of green space. Some of it might be protected due to it being the “green belt” areas.
  • It is rural. In some ways, I guess you could say that it is more rural perhaps. At least the area of Little Elm that we are moving to.

This is the view driving down HWY 380 from Denton, Texas toward Little Elm, Texas where we are building our new house. This is the bridge that is over a portion of the lake that is there. Just a portion of it. It is also a portion of the greenbelt area that allows for such a good green growth in the area.

You will notice that there is not much out here along this highway. There are some buildings up on the hill ahead, but outside of that building is minimal. It is fairly rural in spite of the highway. Once you get past the lake and greenbelt areas, there is more residential and commercial building but it is still fairly minimal compared to what we are used to in Tomball, Texas.

Lots of trees and other plant life grow in the area. It is actually very nice to see all the green. It is also nice to see that the roadway is so clean in spite of the fact that it is so rural.

You do have to watch out for State Troopers out here. I am not saying that I have caught any of those state Troopers personally. I have not. I am just saying that you have to be aware of their presence. They appear to keep busy out here on this highway.

As you are going the other direction toward Denton, Texas you have to watch out for the Denton City Police as they are even busier than the State Troopers. Oh and there is a red light camera in that direction so you do not want to be speeding on the highway and zip through that camera because your speed does not allow you to “slow to a stop” at the light. Nope. You better check your speed at the last speed limit sign on the way into town.

Lots and lots of green! I cannot wait to see this earlier in the spring. I keep driving by all this green and I get the sudden urge to get out of my car and sprinkle a package of Bluebonnet seeds on the road side. Laugh! See what this area does to me?!. It makes me a crazy Texan! I truly cannot wait until the spring to see if there are really beautiful spring wildflowers lining these roadsides.

This is the view down the street we will be living on. Right now it is a relaxing, happy view. It is what I am hanging onto with the stress of the last many months. This view means that the end is in sight soon. It might be a long time off, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Our future homesite. Not much to look at yet, but it is ours.

Loving the blue skies. Loving the clouds. I am loving the feel of the neighborhood.

I am a little nervous about the fact that it is so rural, but that is because there are no grocery stores in the area. The nearest store is a Walmart that is a ways up the highway. I will be researching access to stores like Sprouts, Aldi, and Whole Foods as those are my staples these days. Walmart is fine but I need Aldi and Whole foods to get a lot of my kosher staples and Sprouts for my digestive enzymes and Lance’s no nut peanut butters (I haven’t found them anywhere else). So that is not a hold up so much as it is just a little concern and a matter of maybe packing the ice chests when I go grocery shopping. Fortunately, my trips to Whole Foods usually last me 2 weeks in between anyway so it is not a big deal. Oh and I have to figure out which is closest – Sam’s Club or Costco – and decide what I am going to do about my membership there.

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