A sweet find

When I was packing boxes in the master bedroom today, I found these sweet finds in the master closet. I knew they were somewhere in the house, but I had not seen them in a while. What a sweet thing to find that day.

A picture of me on our dairy farm in New Albany, Mississippi. I was playing with a flower in the field. 
Another picture of me in the field/yard on our dairy farm in New Albany, Mississippi. Love those flowers.
Yes, I was a fat baby. I was as bald as bald could be. I believe I was about 9 months old in this picture. 
The following pictures were in an envelope of pictures complete with negatives. I am going to have to get the negatives printed again (maybe I will do it digitally with the scanner if possible) to see what else was on them because I am pretty sure there were more negative images than there were pictures in the envelope.
My first thought when looking at the pictures in the envelope was, “oh crap which child is this?” I was going to be in trouble because I could not remember. Fortunately, flipping a little further through the pictures revealed who the child in this picture was. It did not give an exact date of the images, but it did help figure out who the child was. This is my baby brother, Jonathan Hellewell. The toys should have given that away, perhaps, but my mother kept those toys around for a little while and it is possible that my children played with them at her house. Besides those are cute toys and something I would have bought for my boys.
This picture to me, is probably one of the best pictures in the envelope. There are not many pictures of my maternal grandmother in our possession. She was not a camera person that I remember. We were blessed with what time we had her here and these are precious pictures. Many people would complain that she’s not smiling in this picture. I do not care. That is my grandmother. I have not seen my grandmother in 26 years and she is as beautiful in that picture as she was the last time I saw her. Oh how I miss her. 
This one brought a smile to my face when I saw it. How sweet this little gem is. It has been 26 years without this beautiful woman in my life and I miss her dearly.

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